Six underrated dessert spots in Bengaluru

Follow us on a sweet trail where we explore six places that will satisfy your sweet tooth
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Craving something sweet but tired of the same old places? Forget the usual haunts – we're ditching the mainstream and embarking on a delicious adventure to uncover Bengaluru's hidden dessert gems.

This guide is for you! We've scoured the city to find six underrated dessert spots that will tantalise your taste buds. So, put on your walking shoes (or loosen your belt!) and follow us on a delightful journey through the city's secret world of sweets!

1. Choux delight

Wanting a decadent treat? Look no further than Table for Tous in HSR Layout. They are known for their choux pastries and coffee eclairs. With six tempting flavors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find your perfect bite. For something truly delightful, try their chocolate hazelnut eclair, bursting with rich chocolate cream and a touch of hazelnut. Feeling citrusy? Their lemon curd eclair offers a refreshing tang. And for a taste of something trendy, their biscoff eclair is a must-try.

2. Creamy canvas

Dinner cravings got you leaning towards something sweet? Amore Gelato in Jayanagar is your post-dinner paradise! They specialise in crafting authentic Italian gelato and sorbetto that'll transport your taste buds straight to Italy. Dive into creamy flavours like Blueberry Cheesecake, indulge in the sweet-salty delight of Salted Caramel, or grab a scoop of comforting Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Their selection promises the perfect ending to any delicious meal.

3. Decadent goodness

Sweet tooth calling? Head to Maison du Brownie and Cheesecake in Indiranagar! This bakery is your one-stop shop for all things indulgent. Craving cheesecake? Their creamy Maple Basque is legendary. Need a brownie fix? Dive into their decadent raspberry brownies. Feeling adventurous? Try their Passionfruit Baba au Rhum, a rum-soaked sponge cake bursting with flavour.

4. Parisian delicacies

Mäki Pâtisserie in Indiranagar offer delectable delights that rotate with weekly menus, ensuring fresh and exciting flavors. Don't miss out on their signature Paris Brest, a ring-shaped pastry filled with creamy goodness. They also offer a delightful selection of tarts and eclairs, perfect for a satisfying treat or a charming gift. Visit them and discover your new favorite sweet escape!

5. Oozing melts

Get a taste of Germany at Backer & Charlie in Frazer Town. This authentic German bakery is famous for their Berliners, delectable donut-like treats filled with delightful surprises. Imagine biting into fluffy dough bursting with flavors like tart rhubarb and fragrant kaffir lime, or creamy pistachio and sweet raspberry. Craving something classic? Don't miss their moist carrot cake, layered with rich cream cheese frosting.

6. Flavours of France

Amande Pâtisserie in Thyagaraja Nagar is a delightful shop that boasts a stunning selection of macarons, profiteroles and eclairs, all bursting with vibrant flavours like chocolate, coffee and much more. Don't miss their decadent Sacher Torte, a rich chocolate cake fit for royalty. Plus, they deliver across Bengaluru, so you can enjoy these sweet treats from the comfort of your home. Amande Pâtisserie - a taste of France right at your doorstep!

(Written by Namitha Acharya)