Culinary Isaan by chef Napharphak Pompraksa promises Thai delicacies from her homeland

Focusing on treats from her home, Isaan, chef Napharphak Pompraksa promises you a meal to remember!
Spread at Culinary Isaan
Spread at Culinary Isaan

If you have ever met chef Napharphak Pompraksa (more endearingly known as chef Tam) at Rim Naam, The Oberoi, Bengaluru, then you would know why a new menu put together by her is not something you decide to pass. Quite simply, the soul and heart of the restaurant, the talented chef decided to finally present dishes close to her heart on a menu that unveils as an experiment for three days this weekend. 

<em>Goong Pad Pong Karee</em>
Goong Pad Pong Karee

For years, chef Tam has always toyed with presenting dishes from her homeland — Isaan, on the Khorat Plateau, bordered by the Mekong River in Thailand. She was always worried about how people would receive these regional delicacies, however, as they are spicier than most ‘well-known’ Thai staples across the globe. This menu, Culinary Isaan, celebrates these dishes and we were happy to have had the honour of tasting some of them at a preview organised recently. 

Chef Napharphak Pompraksa (Tam)
Chef Napharphak Pompraksa (Tam)

We began our simple yet fulfilling meal with a serving of Tom Som Phak — a spicy and sour soup with tamarind and vegetables. Pungent to just the right level, the soup managed to clear out our sinuses, something one needs to regularly do in this unpredictable Bengaluru weather.

Skipping our appetisers completely, so we could try the more tempting main course options, we dove into a Pad Pak Boong — morning glory greens stir-fried with bird eye chillies, garlic, soy and in sesame oil. Reminiscent of stir-fried specials from across the Far East, the subtle bitterness elevated this simple dish that we felt worked perfectly without any accompaniment. 

<em>Pad Pak Boong</em>
Pad Pak Boong

We then had the absolutely gorgeous Miang Pla Pao — grilled fish, lettuce, flat noodles, nam prik noom sauce and nam pla wan sauce— make its way to our table and this DIY dish was definitely a favourite. Making lettuce pockets with a mix and match of all the ingredients as per your own taste was a great way to experience the flavours of Isaan in a way you could appreciate them.

We were also served  the Goong Pad Pong Karee — stir-fried prawns in yellow curry powder with scrambled eggs — that perfectly complimented the steamed jasmine rice (Kao Hom Mali) and the fiery Kaeng Pa Gai — jungle curry style chicken with galangal, dill leaves and holy basil. 

<em>Miang Pla Pao</em>
Miang Pla Pao

We wrapped up our meal with what is now our favourite Thai dessert, Ruam Mit — jellied water chestnuts and taro in sweet coconut milk — that was the perfect ending to our simple meal, that we’re definitely going back for again, soon. 

Meal for two: INR 3,000 onwards. February 2 - 4, Lunch and dinner. At MG Road. 

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