World Sushi Day: Our pick of the most unique sushi in Bengaluru 

From a customisable sushi cake to a Kerala-inspired invention

author_img Rashmi Rajagopal and Anagha M Published :  18th June 2021 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2021 06:00 AM
Daily Sushi

Daily Sushi

Daily Sushi
Japanese classic Pork Chasu is repackaged as a sushi roll at this restaurant that is currently open only for deliveries. The braised smoked meat is paired with fresh vegetables and wrapped in vinegar rice and nori. It is served with soy-mustard sauce. Rs 200 upwards. Order online

The Fatty Bao
One of the city’s favourite Asian restaurants, The Fatty Bao is known for its innovative take on the cuisine. When it comes to sushi, their Tuna Tartare Sushi caught our eye — a delightful combination of flavourful chopped tuna and sushi rice. The restaurant is also offering a special Mango and Avocado Sushi this week especially for World Sushi Day. Rs 355 upwards. Order online

In the mood for a celebration cake? You can opt for the sushi cakes from this sushi delivery. The cakes are customised and must be pre-ordered. If you’re looking for rolls, the menu also has some interesting options such as Portobello Prawn Tempura (tempura fried portobello mushroom stuffed with minced prawn and ginger, wrapped in vinegar rice and nori, and topped with fresh avocado) and Peanut Butter And Tofu (sliced tofu with peanut butter, wrapped in vinegared rice, roasted peanuts and nori, topped with sesame oil). Rs 250 upwards. Order online

Sushi Cake from Sushimen

If you like some texture and crunch in your sushi try the Panko Shiitake Roll at this pan Asian restaurant. The ‘inside-out’ roll has sauteed shiitake mushrooms, bell peppers and a spicy sauce wrapped in rice. It is then coated with panko breadcrumbs and fried for maximum flavour. Rs 450. Order online

Saiko Sushi House
This takeaway and delivery joint has some truly unique offerings. A fine example is the Idukki Gold Roll, which is inspired by the flavours of Kerala cuisine. It comprises smoked salmon, crab stick, cream cheese and tempura banana in a vinegared rice wrap. This is deep fried and topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce, crunchy flakes and grated coconut. The deep fried Bombay Roll is another unique option. It is made with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and cream cheese on the inside and seared tuna on the outside. This is topped with kiwi, avocado, cucumber and jalapeno salad, sweet chilli and ponzu dressing, eel sauce and spicy mayo. Rs 250 upwards. Order online

Oakwood Premier Prestige Bangalore
The earthy notes of truffle are highlighted in the Sumo Kuchizu sushi at Oakwood Premier Prestige
Bangalore. Sushi rice is topped with thinly sliced avocado that is piped with truffle-flavoured burnt
cheese. Chef Altamsh Patel, the man behind the dish, says it is the most popular number on the menu. Rs 599. Order online