Usha Uthup joins the 7th Anniversary revelries of Chapter 2

A specially curated menu has been introduced at the watering hole to observe seven successful years in the Kolkata culinary industry
Owners of Chapter 2 honouring Usha Uthup with the Hall of Fame
Owners of Chapter 2 honouring Usha Uthup with the Hall of Fame

Seven years of culinary success has made the popular continental joint Chapter 2 come to a full round. They first launched at Salt Lake, on a sultry April day in 2016 with an attempt to revive the retro pub culture of Park Street, and were lucky enough to be bestowed with the blessings of legendary singer Usha Uthup. Today, as Chapter 2 completed seven laps around the sun, the melody queen yet again graced the stage with some of her classics.

Park Street has forever been a melting pot of nightlife, music and food, and it goes without saying how names such as Usha Uthup only elevated the scene back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. “When I joined the Park Street revelry as a singer, I was new to the city all the way from Bombay. I come from a traditional family and had never seen a nightclub until I joined the bandwagon in Kolkata. My entire career unfolded here. Back then we had to get licenses approved from Lal Bazar by the properties we used to sing for, which wasn’t an easy task. So when the entertainment taxes increased, the restaurant owners had to up their rates as well. This made the crowd die down a lot, as many could no longer afford to sit at the pubs with just one coffee or beer for the whole night,” expressed Usha on why the extravagant Park Street nightlife from the 60’s & 70’s died a slow death. “Even though Park Street continues to be the party hub till date, the culture has changed immensely. It feels great to see Chapter 2 successfully keeping the retro vibe alive even in modern times through their events, décor and food,” adds Usha.

"With Chapter 2, we aimed to recreate the culinary heaven that Park Street once was. Continental cuisine has been an integral part of the culinary fabric of Park Street, right from the British Era, and we at Chapter 2 wish to preserve the heritage. Our chef, Sushanta Halder, takes forward the lineage of his grandfather, the late Bijoy Holder, who served as a special cook in many British kitchens back in the day. Sushanta prepares some dishes that come directly from his grandfather's kitchen," shares the owner brother duo Shiladitya & Debaditya Chaudhury.

The 7th anniversary celebrations kicked off with some evergreen tunes hummed by none other than the legendary lady Usha Uthup herself, as new-gen musician Sam accompanied her on the guitar. As the crowd swayed and sang along the unforgettable tunes, a host of appetisers such as fish fingers, chicken cutlet, garlic bread and rum balls alongside refreshing beverages and tea kept them satiated. The melodious evening came to a halt with Usha Uthup being honoured with a Hall of Fame by the Chaudhury brothers of Chapter 2. A cake cutting ceremony kept the crowd enthralled as Usha Uthup expressed her amusement at the guitar shaped cake.

"We will continue with our seventh year celebrations with an extensive, revamped menu that will surely delight out patrons by making their gastronomic adventure more delectable and appetising,” adds Shiladitya. As we complete 7 years of the exciting journey of Chapter 2, we have made extensive

The special menu has been curated keeping in sync with the occasion and palette of global gourmands who frequently visit the place. Grilled Octopus Bruschetta, Spanish Style Squid Steak with Butter Garlic Sauce, Braised Octopus with Red Wine Sauce are worthy of mention. Trout, a delicacy rarely available in Kolkata will be available at Chapter 2 in dishes like Pan Seared Lemon Pepper Rainbow Trout and Butter Pepper Garlic Trout. Exquisite delicacies such as Salmon Steak, Hoisin Glazed Salmon, Tuna Salad, and Tuscan Butter Salmon are also on offer. The Salmon here is imported all the way from Norway, despite which it is being offered to guests at reasonable prices,” concludes Debaditya.

The new menu also highlights a delicate meaty affair with delicacies like Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Beef Filet Mignon with Mustard Mushroom Sauce and Lamb Shank.

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