Indulge checks out the new menu at Kebab-e-Que 

The heritage diner retains its charm and moves forward with flavours 
The delicious array of food from Kebab-e-que
The delicious array of food from Kebab-e-que

Imagine sitting in a heritage diner that has decades of history right in the middle of the bustling city of Kolkata and enjoying a sumptuous meal that moves forward with time through innovation but keeps the traditional flavours alive. That is what Kebab-e-Que at The Astor Kolkata serves you on the plate with its new menu. So, how can Indulge not be a part of this experience?

As we waited for the starters, we sipped on Refresho Mix, a sweet, refreshing, and cold mix of strawberry and blueberry flavours. The berries gave a tangy taste to the drink while the presentation with the gold dust earned it brownie points for the presentation. Up next was the Lasooni Mahi Tikka, fresh bekti kebabs with julienned salad and spicy green chutney was a delightful starter. We moved on to Mushroom Caps. A quick bite snack with juicy mushroom and cheese filling complete with fried basil was devoured in a moment. We couldn’t help but think of a refill thereafter.

“Kebab-e-Que is multi-cuisine with Indian, Chinese, and continental being served. We have a legacy and people have been coming here for generations. Keeping that in mind, it’s not wise to change the entire menu. So, we have kept the go-to dishes but are trying to evolve the way we serve them. Appearance and feel are different but taste and ingredients are same.” mentions executive chef Azad Arif.

Before moving on to the mains, we tried Spicy grape. This drink is perfect for those who love the slightly sour flavour of the grapes. A wonderful combination of grape juice and black salt was accentuated with the spicy chilli mix at the rim of the glass. That chilli mix added the much-needed kick to the drink that left a tingling spicy after-taste.

Next was Braised tofu in clay pot. The gravy tofu was light, non-spicy, and full of mixed bell pepper and veggie chunks, and yet the chilli oil drizzle on top gave it a spicy kickback. We recommend tasting it with either noodles or plain rice to enjoy its wholesome flavour to the fullest. The sweet and sour Kung Pao chicken has been a regular on the Chinese menu for a while. But what was interesting was the right balance achieved in the distribution of both the flavours which gave it a unique taste. The fresh chunks of chicken were very tender and a delight to eat.

To conclude came a platter of Mushroom grilled chicken with Spaghetti rice, and a platter that would have us come back for more. While the rice might have a regular appearance, let that not fool you. They are made painstakingly made with spaghetti strands and elevate the dish to another level. The chicken was perfectly grilled and the saucy mushroom was the perfect accompaniment to it.

We definitely recommend coming back to this heritage diner to experience the fusion of tradition and modernity and yet keep the flavours intact.

Noon to 11:45 pm

Price for two (approx.): Rs 1200+

Photo: Pritam Sarkar 

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