ANNIV SPL: Kettleberry's Deep Batra decodes his plans for coffee

The idea behind Kettleberry coffees is to make coffee more convenient and pocket-friendly.
Kettleberry coffee
Kettleberry coffee

Kolkata-based Deep Batra’s instant coffee brand Kettlebery was founded in memory of his mother, who was a big-time coffee lover. It took him two years of research to come up with the brand last year, which offers five eclectic flavours including classic, hazelnut, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. By next year, he plans to introduce 12 more flavours. Excerpts from the chat:

What are the plans for 2024-25?

We have got into developing espresso machines recently in collaboration with another company. Importing
espresso machines from Italy or other countries is an expensive affair. So, these affordable espresso machines that cost almost half the price of an imported one, are going to make the lives of new entrepreneurs, a tad easier.

Deep Batra
Deep Batra

What about making coffee affordable?

Also, we want to reach out to the masses by opening small coffee joints serving affordable cuppas in QSR formats. We want to bust the myth that coffee is premium. It may taste premium but need not be heavy on the pocket. We want good coffee to be as accessible and affordable as tea. That was also the idea behind Kettleberry coffees, to make coffee more convenient and pocket-friendly. Our coffee pouches will soon be available at the local grocery stores.

We have a target of opening 25 QSRs, employing at least about 100- 150 people.

How do you plan to serve coffee at your upcoming QSRs?

We’ll be using disposable cups/glasses, very similar to the coffee-on-the-go idea. Kettleberry is the first coffee startup from the city and whatever we do, the city will be the first to witness it. Bengaluru is on our cards as our next destination. We’re also going global soon, starting our distribution in Australia.

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