Restaurateur Vanita Bajoria leads the gastronomy scene with an honest approach to food  

We talk to the very humble entrepreneur to know how she cracked the success code
Vanita Bajoria
Vanita Bajoria

With the city swelling with a number of swanky loungebars to turn the nights exciting for the party crowd, it’s difficult to stand out and stay popular for long. But F&B entrepreneur Vanita Bajoria’s lounge bar Lord of the Drinks had struck the right cords with the young crowd and continues to be a sought-after party and lounging spot even after three years of its launch. Besides the popular watering hole, Vanita also helms Warehouse and Italian fine diner Veneto, all perched up on the top floor of the South City Mall. We talk to the very humble entrepreneur to know how she cracked the success code.

How has the journey been so far?

It has been the most fulfilling one as I was pushing limits as an entrepreneur and I think it is fair to say I exceeded my own expectations and was surprised by my own strength. There have been a lot of ups and downs and it taught me to never give up. I made some great connections with a lot of good souls and it definitely has taught me to keep striving for more.

How experimental is Kolkata in terms of gastronomy?

Kolkata is always very open to new experiences in food. We are in the works of bringing national and International brands to the city. The city appreciates new flavours and experiences and we are working tirelessly to provide them with many more such opportunities.

<em>Vanita Bajoria</em>
Vanita Bajoria

What takes it to be a success in the F&B sector?

Quality, personal touch and knowing what the guests want and curating the menus according to their taste are what make one stand out in the F&B industry. It is also very important to stay relevant with the times to create brand recall in this industry

It takes patience, perseverance and also a personal touch to be successful.

The pitfalls of being in the F&B sector?

The only thing I have observed is that the success rate of any outlet in Kolkata is very less, so, the number of outlets that close due to lack of business or profit, is actually very high.

Who inspires you?

My mother has been the inspiration of my life. I always look up to the way she works, and try to emulate her organizational skills. She got into the business while we were growing up. To see her manage, and look after everything at home and work has been truly inspiring for me.

Your message to other women?

Just follow your dreams, never be bogged down, and strive to be better than what you were yesterday. In the process you will also see how many lives you are changing There will surely be a lot of challenges but if we have our goals laid out nothing or no one can stop us.

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