Burma Burma’s recently introduced artisanal ice-creams experiment with oriental flavours and toppings

Their packaging is equally nostalgic and breaks through the monotony by encapsulating the feeling of vintage ice cream parlours and trucks
Artisanal Ice Cream range at Burma Burma
Artisanal Ice Cream range at Burma Burma

Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room has single handedly made Burmese cuisine and traditions find a permanent spot in the popular food scene. After foraying successfully into the vegetarian culinary heritage from Burma, the diner went on to introduce a pantry for connoisseurs looking to stir up aromatic recipes at their home. With summers looming around, Burma Burma has now launched half a dozen artisanal ice-creams, each with their distinct flavour and plating.

The award winning restaurant was inspired by owner Ankit Gupta’s maternal roots in Burma, who went on to establish the brand across six metropolitan cities in India along with his friend Chirag Chhajer. “Preferences of the Gen Z and Millennials have changed starkly over the years and our newly introduced ice-cream range intends to stir up some nostalgia. Our packaging is equally nostalgic and breaks through the monotony by encapsulating the feeling of vintage ice cream parlours and trucks,” shares Ankit.

Each of the six scoops explores varied taste palates, some common with unusual toppings, while the others delve deep into seldom explored ice-cream flavours. While Dark Chocolate is one of the most common names that can be seen on the special bill of fare, who could have thought of a possible pairing of Olive oil & Olive dust with it? The Pineapple Energee variant, made of pineapple flavoured milk, served with brown butter crumble and vanilla sable variant is reminiscent of an after-school drink of every Mumbai kid.

We particularly drooled over the Caramelised Chocolate and Cheese Ice Cream that was served with melt-in-mouth Basque cheesecake crumbles and based on the flavour notes of Caramelised white chocolate ice cream, topped with raspberry gel and vanilla streusel.

If you wish to go experimentative, we suggest you to not miss out on the star item Durian Fruit Ice Cream, made with the notoriously famous South-East Asian fruit. Also known as the forbidden Asian fruit owing to its strong smell and flavour, this fruit has imparted a distinct taste to the scoop. For a subtler alternative, settle for the Avocado and Honey Ice Cream topped with honey caviar and coconut fumes. Honeycomb and Sweet Corn Ice Cream is a sweeter alternative that will satiate sugar cravings. Each of the variants are available for takeaway and home-delivery options.

Rs. 550 onwards for 500ml tub.

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