Savour a slice of Vietnam at Princeton Club, Kolkata

Known for its fresh flavours of herbs, vegetables and minimal use of oil and dairy products, Vietnamese food is deemed to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.
The Vietnamese spread
The Vietnamese spread

If you have a disposition to satiate your palate with different ethnic cuisines, then visiting Princeton Club to savour its culinary heritage is a must. Under the scorching sun, it is imperative for us to cool our mind, body and spirit   with some fresh, invigorating, light cuisine and Princeton Club is all set to raise your health quotient with a  Vietnamese Food Festival. Known for its fresh flavours of herbs, vegetables and minimal use of oil and dairy products, Vietnamese food is deemed to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Sanjay Karmakar, Manager, Operations, Princeton Club says, “We live in an exciting culinary era. Food is not only extremely abundant in Kolkata, but also more varied than ever before. We would like our guests to take a culinary tour through different ethnic cuisines. Hence the idea of Vietnamese food festival came to our  mind. Vietnamese cuisine is based on fresh ingredients, minimal cooking, lots of leafy greens and fish, very limited amounts of animal protein and fat, and moderate use of sugar. This cuisine is apt for the sweltering heat of summer. At Princeton club, guests throng to the lipsmacking innovative delicacies always. We would like our guests to try out this healthy cuisine and embrace the taste of herbs and vegetables within a dish that really makes each ingredient shine."

A team of expert chefs under the stewardship of Executive Chef Abhijit Chakraborty rustled up various healthy dishes for us and took our tastebuds on a roll. Our gastronomic journey took off with a bowl of Pho, a Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, herbs and chicken. One can also go for the vegetarian option. From Pho, the journey comfortably slided through Lotus Root Salad, replete with tons of flavours of crisp pickled vegetables like carrots, sweet prawns, herbs, fried shallot, toasted peanuts, a tangy spicy dressing and a Vietnamese fish sauce vinaigrette. 

One can also go for the Goi Ga Vietnamese Chicken Salad – or Crunchy Vietnam Chicken Salad which is a blissful addition to the fare as a summer barbecue. This fresh and crunchy cold salad takes under 30 minutes to prepare and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser for roast chicken lovers. This quick and easy recipe features thinly sliced vegetables, shredded cabbage, fresh herbs, sweet and spicy vinaigrette, roast chicken and salted cashews. Sounds like an enticing combination, ain't it?

The fare also would draw your attention to Vietnamese rice paper roll stuffed with chicken, sesame oil, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, peanuts and a tomato sauce dressing. Rice Paper Chicken Popiah Roll is a simple yet delicious way to healthy snacking. These Vietnamese style rice paper rolls can be personalised with your favourite fillings, and the easy-to-make dip makes them damn delicious. 

Up next, we tried the Wok-tossed Vietnamese rice vermicelli, a refreshing summertime meal that's so good and  you'll forget you're eating healthy! Spicy lemongrass chicken is the perfect side dish with a  slightly sweet, pungent, and lemony taste. We finished our gustatory journey with a Banana Tapioca dessert, that tasted like a hearty banana pudding.

What: Vietnamese Food Festival
Where: Princeton Club, Anwar Shah Road
When: May 11-14, 12-3 pm, 7-10 pm
Price for 2: Rs 550+
Reservations/takeaway: 0336644-4444/ 9830229313

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