Artisanal chocolate brand Rushk returns in a brand new avatar

Chocolatier Rushdah Humaira introduces some new fabulous flavours in vegan chocolate offerings from Rushk
Rushk Chocolates
Rushk Chocolates

This new year, Rushk, the only bean-to-bar chocolate label, is back to melt your hearts with their popular and a few newly-launched bars. The founder of the artisanal label, Rushdah Humaira tells us that they are back in a new avatar with some amazing new flavours, new products and completely new packaging. All this had us craving for a taste of their much-relished chocolates. Among the many new flavours consisting of Candied Ginger in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, White Chocolate with Vanilla Bean, among others, we loved their smoking hot take on Dalle Chilli, a native chilli from Darjeeling and Hemp Hearts. The mix of cocoa and chilli leaves your palate sweet and spicy with a smoky aftertaste. The best thing about Rushk is that they do not add any preservatives to increase shelf life. “We try to add the ones which have higher shelf lives and are naturally healthy like Peanuts, Hemp Hearts, and others,” says Rushdah.

<em>Rushdah Humaira</em>
Rushdah Humaira

An easy-to-make Dark Chocolate Truffles recipe:

Ingredients: Heavy cream 200 ml | 70% Dark Chocolate 400 gm (chopped) | Non-alkalised cacao powder to roll in the truffles.

Method: Heat the cream in the microwave for 30 seconds and pour over the chopped chocolates. Let it sit for a minute for the chocolate to melt. Mix well and refrigerate for 30 mins. Scoop a portion and roll. Roll over Cacao powder & enjoy.


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