Jamai Shasthi 2024: 11 special meals in Kolkata to treat your sons-in-law

With different restaurants in the city prepping for this auspicious day with their specially curated menu, one can use this opportunity to make the celebration even more special
Jamai Sasthi thali at Aaheli
Jamai Sasthi thali at Aaheli

Jamai Sasthi is just around the corner and the Bengalis are gearing up for a grand celebration to treat their sons-in-law with the best. With different restaurants in the city prepping for this auspicious day with their specially curated menu, one can use this opportunity to make the celebration even more special. Here is a list of places you can choose to go with your son-in-law to celebrate Jamai Sasthi.

1. Sweet delights

Himadri Bhowmick

Celebrate Jamai Sashti with Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick and treat your sons-in-law to special mishti, crafted for this occasion. Enjoy a wide range of delicious sweets and snacks that will make this family celebration even more delightful. The Jamai Shashti Sandesh is meticulously crafted, embodying the essence of this revered relationship with precision and care. As you indulge in the velvety smoothness of the Mango Gelato, made from the freshest mangoes, allow it to transport you to a realm of pure bliss. Delight in the Mango Sorer Roll, where delicate pastry encases a rich mango cream, leaving you craving for more. And finally, indulge in the decadence of the Tres Leches cake, a moist sponge soaked in a trio of milks, offering a symphony of flavours with every heavenly bite. It serves as the perfect finale to a celebration brimming with love, laughter and togetherness.

When: Till June 16 | 9 am-9.30 pm

Price for two: Rs 300

2. Satisfy your cravings

Paprika Gourmet is excited to unveil exclusive menu offerings for this auspicious occasion. While infusing a touch of innovation and indulgence, delight in the Rasmalai Disc, a modern take on a classic dessert, and the Fusion Laddoo, which blends traditional flavours with contemporary flair. Alongside, find the perfect balance of sweet and salty with their Salted Caramel Mini Pies, and savour the rich, velvety goodness of their Chocolate Bark. Finally, treat yourself to the exquisite layers of the Baklava, where each bite is a symphony of flavours.

When: Till June 16

Price: Rs 70 onwards

3. Scrumptious treats

Celebrate Jamai Sasthi with Maple at Club Verde, with their sumptuous lunch buffet. Enjoy refreshing Aam Pora Shorbot and a variety of salads, along with  Dahi Vada. Indulge in starters like Mochar Chop and Murgir Cutlet, followed by mains like Murgi Dak Bungalow, Katla Kalia and Dim er Roast. Don't miss the delightful dessert selection of Rosogolla, Mango Payesh, and Kulfi.

When: June 12

Price for one: Rs 799 onwards

4. The Chinese Thali

A perfect escape for the sons-in-law who are seeking something different from the Bengali cuisine, Chowman’s Jamai Sashthi Special Set Menu will be that perfect escape route to indulge in. And mommies could also opt for this thali as a treat for their long-distance jamaais, living away from the city. The menu is to start with Chicken Manchow Soup and mocktail of the day, to Chicken Momo, Pan Fried Chilli Fish (Basa), Chicken Thai Style Noodles, Kolkata Style Fried Rice, Fish in Sweet Chilli Sauce, Kung Pao Chicken and Chilli Garlic Prawn. End the meal with desserts like an indulgent Chocolate Mousse or Ice Cream with fresh seasonal mangoes.

Price for one: Rs 1,499 onwards

5. Jamai er bhuribhoj

Paying homage to this culturally rich tradition, Hotel Holiday Inn has meticulously crafted two thalis that showcase the essence of Bengal and its culinary artistry, which not only delights the palate but also celebrates and honours the familial bonds that warm the spirit of Bengali culture.

The Jamai Sashthi Mahabhoj Thali will have Gandhoraj Doier Ghol, Kacha Aamer Sorbot, Potol Bhaja, Aloo Jhur Jhure Bhaja, Begun Sundori, Lal Saag, Macher Paturi, Posto Piyazer Bora, Macher Matha Diye Dal, Dal Raibahadur, Basanti Pulao, Sada Bhat, Loochi , Kadhai Sutir Kachuri, Chenar Mohima, Dhokar Dalna, Sorshe Posto Pabda Mach, Thakurbarir Kassa Mangsho, Dhonepata Kancha Lonka Murgi, Lal Misti Doi, Baked Rasogolla, Aam Sandesh. The Jamai Sashthi Bhoj Thali, on the other hand will boast of Gandhoraj Doier Ghol, Aloo Jhur Jhure Bhaja, Begun Sundori, Lal Saag, Macher Paturi, Posto Piyazer Bora, Dal Raibahadur, Basanti Pulao, Sada Bhat, Loochi, Kadhai Sutir Kachuri, Chenar Mohima, Dhokar Dalna, Sorshe Posto Pabda Mach, Thakurbarir Kassa Mangsho, Dhonepata Kancha lonka Murgi, Lal Misti Doi, and Aam Sandesh.

When: June 12 | 1-4 pm

Price for one: Rs 1,499 onwards

6. Lavish spread

Those mothers-in-law who are unable to cook for their jamai yet harbour the wish to observe the occasion, can visit Princeton Club to celebrate the day with their daughters and sons-in-law. The lavish spread, curated by executive chef Abhijit Chakraborty will offer on the occasion of Jamai Sashthi includes Gondhoraj Ghol, Posto Dal er Bora, Basanti Pulao, Aam Ada Diye Moong Dal, to Raj Bahadur Mutton Curry, Pabdar Tel Jhal and a lot more. 

When: June 12 | Lunch and dinner

Price: Items are priced between Rs 100 and Rs 750

7. It's thali on the mind

The occasion is incomplete without the sumptuous thalis on offer at Aaheli. Be it Tortaja Topse Bhaja, Loochi and Begun Bhaja, and main course like Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal or Aloo Jhinge Posto, Aaheli chefs have created culinary masterpieces for the day. The innovative Mouri Potol, the delightful Chingri Macher Aam Kasundi, and Kacha Ilish Er Tel Jhal, fresh hilsa fish in a fiery mustard oil gravy, is sure to satiate all taste buds. There are more on the thali, along with a selection of exquisite desserts like Thandai Rajbhog, Lichu Doi, and fresh fruits to complete the ritual. 

When: Till June 16 | 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Price for one: Rs 1, 695 onwards (at the Peerless Hotel Kolkata outlet), Rs 2, 695 onwards (at the Axis Mall outlet), Rs (1,295) at the Sarat Bose outlet

8. Celebrating bonds

Saptapadi’s exclusive Jamai Sasthi special thali, Saat Panke Randha is a carefully curated menu that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Bengal and honours the cherished tradition of Jamai Sasthi. The Jamai Sasthi Special Thali begins with a refreshing Tormuj Pudinar Shorbot as the beverage. The starter includes Bhapa Murgir Paturi and Vetki Chingri Popcorn. The main course features a choice of rice or pulao, accompanied by Jhuri Aloo Bhaja, Beguni, Potol Bhaja, Ada Diye Moong Dal, Echor Kalia, Bhapa Ilish, Dab Chingri, and a choice of Mutton Kosha or Chicken Kosha. To complete the meal, the dessert offerings include Mishti Doi, Rosogolla, and Chutney O Papad. In addition to the special thali, Saptapadi also offers a Jamai Sasthi Special À La Carte Menu

When: Till June 16 | 12-4 pm, 6-10 pm

Price for one: Rs 999 onwards

9. For the daughters-in-law as well

Why should the sons-in-law be treated only? At Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor, they are offering thalis for both sons and daughters-in-law to cherish the bond and love that the parents-in-law shower on them. From sherbat to bhaja, pulao to fish curries, mutton, mishti and fruits basket, they have it all. They have a Meye-Jamai thali too for two people. 

When: Till June 16

Price for one: Rs 1,399 onwards

10. For the babus and bibis

All outlets of babu culture have wholesome thalis of Bengali delicacies to your sons-in-law and daughters-in-law with much love. From beverages to fries, curries to desserts, you have something to choose from in your budget. Take a bite of murgir peyaji, kasundi bhetki fry, and have your rice or pulao with veg and non-veg main courses like aam kasundi bhindi pora lonka mangsho, tel koi and a lot more. End your meal with lichur payesh, roshogolla and mishti paan.

When: From June 12-16

Price for one: Rs 649 onwards

11. Hint of Southern flavours

The exclusive Jamai Sashthi Special Thali at Tamarind includes Basant Neer, a welcome drink, and move on to starters - Meen Porichadu and Chicken Malai Kebab. The main course includes salad, stuffed kulcha, Corn Palak, Dal Makhani, Badshahi Pulao, Mutton Bhuna and Seegdi Vila Korma. Finally, end your meal with desserts like Mango Ice cream and Chanar Malpua with Rabri.

When: June 12 | 12 - 10 pm

Price for one: Rs 850 onwards