Galafi Ke Chicken Sheekh

New in Kolkata: Check out Dhungar for its delectable platter of kebabs and North Indian delicacies

This cloud kitchen delivers slow-cooked North Indian delectable to your doorstep

Babu Culture

Babu Culture is a top-to-toe ode to British Calcutta

Travel in time with Babu Culture's take on Raj-era Bengali cuisine

Ruhaniyat from Gourmet Couch

ITC Royal Bengal and ITC Sonar deliver exotic Ramadan curations to your doorstep

Relish every bit of the royal Ramadan offers specially crafted by expert chefs

Chef Vikramjit Roy

Delhi-based Chef Vikramjit Roy wins hearts with an exotic Poila Baisakh  popup at The Salt House

The busy chef-cum-entrepreneur also tells us about his future expansion plans

Aaheli Sarat Bose Road

Aaheli curates a fabulous Poila Baisakh fare that has a mix of  traditional and experimental entrees

Peerless Inn's Aaheli has most definitely outdone the rest this year with an array of carefully curated Bengali entrees

NX Hotel's Poila Baisakh spread

Prep up for Poila Baisakh with NX Hotel's extensive Bengali menu

NX Hotel will enthrall gastronomes with live folk performances at the Palladio banquet hall alongside some delectable offerings