Chef Ashutosh Awasthi of The Park Hotel, Kolkata shares a mango-licious treat

Move over mango dessert, try this mango fish recipe 
Mango Fish Tikka
Mango Fish Tikka

Alphonso Fish Tikka by Chef Ashutosh Awasthi, The Park Hotel

<em>Chef Ashutosh Awasthi</em>
Chef Ashutosh Awasthi

The piquant taste of bekti cooked with mango takes this dish to a whole new level...


200 gm Kolkata bekti

100 gm Alphonso mango

50 gm red chilli paste

50 gm ginger paste

50 gm garlic paste

Salt to taste

60 ml lemon juice

100 gm hung curd

5 gm


20 gm gram flour

15 gm butter


Cut the betki into 50 gm pieces each and marinate in ginger-garlic paste, salt and lemon juice —and keep it aside for 30 minutes. Add red chilli paste, ajwain, hung curd and besan to the fish. Put into skewers and grill. Baste it with butter and serve hot with chopped mangoes on top.

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