Farzi Cafe’s latest introductions experiment with illusions and molecular gastronomy

Chef Soumyadip Dutta takes us through the brand new offerings.
Farzi Cafe
Farzi Cafe

Farzi Café happens to be one of the most hip places at the heart of the city with a neat vibe that can easily transform from a cosy friendly hangout spot to a sleek pub like ambience. The posh watering hole has recently introduced an array of dishes just ahead of the Pujas, and these delectables have made their way into the permanent menu of Farzi.Cafe, Kolkata. Chef Soumyadip Dutta takes us through the brand new offerings.

“Farzi serves a diverse palate worldwide, but for Kolkata new things have to be served to them in a different manner the city people are accustomed with. We put in a lot of research to actually understand their needs hence bringing in dishes based on Salmon, Soft Shell Crabs and New Zealand Lamb to name a few. We have brought in some visual treats through service by bringing in magic tricks as well. Since we have a strong vegetarian footfall, we have also introduced “Farzified” versions of Dahi ke Kebabs, Cheese and Truffle Kulchas and so on,” shares Soumyadip.

We particularly give star points to the new introductions as each of the dishes that were served to us are replete with complementary dips and garnishing. These aren’t just visual treats but actually accentuate the taste of the dishes. The dishes didn’t seem complicated to us, yet each of them are intricate showcasing playful layers and textures. We absolutely adored the bite sized balls of Cheese and Truffle Kulchas and couldn’t get enough of them. For a non-vegetarian treat, the Chilli Ginger Salmon with Gur Kairi Chutney stole the show. The unsuspecting bites of salmon might be mistaken as fish tikka from afar but a closer look reveals the silky texture of this specialty. Crispy fried salmon skin adds a layer to this spectacle.

Moving on to the mains, you may choose the Kumbh Ka Mela Pizza that pops out of thin air on a fiery tray or the Illusion Biryani that’s served perfectly cooked despite the servers stuffing raw ingredients in a flask in front of your eyes. However, for a less mind boggling gustatory adventure you may pamper yourself with some luxe 24 Carat Gold NZL Lamb Rogan Josh that comes wrapped in real gold leaves and pair it up with Onion Chilli Parathas. Wrap it up with a jiggly smooth, set version of Coconut & Jaggery Payasam.

Price for two: Rs. 1500++ taxes (Without alcohol); Rs. 2000++ taxes (With alcohol)

Pictures by: Anindya Saha

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