Satiate your 2 am cravings at this new food truck, managed by five-star hotel chefs

Now you know where to go if you're starving after a crazy round of pub hopping
Masala dosa fingers, chicken brioche sandwich & paratha pizza
Masala dosa fingers, chicken brioche sandwich & paratha pizza

Food truck and five-star hotel don’t often feature in the same sentence. But The Park Chennai, always one to surprise, rolled out a compact 35 sq ft Six ‘O’ One on Wheels last weekend. Parked in the porch section between 1 am and 5 am on Saturday — the offering is targetted specifically at the ‘Oh-my-God-I’m-starving-party-goer’ who is up during the wee hours of the morning. 

<em>Six 'O' One On Wheels</em>
Six 'O' One On Wheels

And don’t worry about waiting in queue — the prep time for each dish is under four minutes! Executive chef Ashutosh Nerlekar tells us that a bulk of the cooking will happen in the hotel’s main kitchen, starting at 10 pm. “During service hours, we have two chefs to heat and assemble the dishes, and two service personnel handling the truck,” he says. 

We recommend:

• Mini idli with fish curry
• South Indian style pepper 
chicken brioche sandwich 
• Paratha pizza 

<em>The mini idlis with fish curry are by far the hottest seller!</em>
The mini idlis with fish curry are by far the hottest seller!

Expect eats that are bite-sized and easy to pick up with your hands like Masala dosa fingers (a twist on the usual masala dosa) with smoked cheese or a jazzed up version of the ever-loved bread omelette served as a brioche sandwich with South Indian pepper chicken for a filling. This was easily one of our personal favourites, when we visited for a tasting of the menu. Delicious, eggy and generous with the portion size — there are energy drinks on offer to wash it down with, if you have somewhere to be on Sunday morning.

Keeping eco-friendly sensibilities in mind, their dishes will be served on biodegradable areca plates with wooden cutlery, should you need it. We used our spoon to dive into a bowl of mini idlis and fish curry, which had us hooked with its tangy goodness right away. This one looks fiery red, but won’t have your tongue on fire and promises to take you from hangover to ‘ho ho ho!’ pretty quickly. 

Rs 300 for veg dishes and Rs 350 for non-veg. | @brightasunshine

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