It's a sugar rush at Mogappair's new dessert joint Jolly Cow

Jolly Cow in Mogappair is a mash-up between ice cream parlour and cafe, serving up scoops, waffles & bubble tea
Candy Bites
Candy Bites

A sharp contrast to the busy streets of Mogappair, this quaint 16-seater dessert joint is a picture of calm with its walls of pastel yellows and pinks, bright blue chairs and cartoon cows. “We didn’t want to be just an ice-cream parlour. We wanted to bring all the favourites — waffles, toasties, bubble tea, milkshakes and ice-cream sundaes under one roof,” says Arun Kumar, Co-founder and Managing Director of Jolly Cow, who also has The Balcony Cafe and Bobacha, both in Nungambakkam, under his belt. As we get cosy in the American diner-like sofas that line the wall, our eyes catch the title page of the Jolly Cow’s menu reading ‘Sugar Rush’ and it’s a fair preview of what’s to come. 

<em>Nutella Trip</em>
Nutella Trip

High on chai
Their bestseller — the Pearl Milk Bubble Tea is up first and for all tea-lovers, it’s the cold coffee version of tea that you’ve been waiting for. A cold concoction, the Taiwanese drink retains the richness and taste of a cup of chai, with the soft tapioca boba pearls a surprise in every sip. Mild and milky, the bubble tea comes in seven other flavours and also has milk-free fruity variants. But if indulgence is what you want, then the Red Velvet milkshake is the way to go with its itty bits of red velvet cake, chocolate fudge sauce and of course, red sprinkles!

<em>Pearl Milk Bubble tea</em>
Pearl Milk Bubble tea

Chocolate rush
With several schools located in the vicinity, it’s no surprise that ice-cream is the crowd-puller. An assortment of sundaes make the menu and we are recommended the Dark Chocolate Temptation — a mud cake sandwiched by scoops of vanilla and dark chocolate ice-cream (full milk), with a drizzle of a chocolate fudge sauce. But why get only ice-cream, when it finds a near-perfect marriage in a waffle. The Nutella trip is not for the faint-hearted with generous dollops of Nutella, cashew nuts and vanilla ice-cream on a classic waffle base. 

<em>Dark Chocolate Temptation</em>
Dark Chocolate Temptation

But they’re not done just yet. “We are in the final stages of testing some new additions to the menu. We are looking to cater to the local palate with new snacks like kozhi vada pav and naan pizza,” says Arun. We think it’s safe to say that after-school snacking just got a whole lot better.
 Snacks for two Rs 300

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