This milk cake at the new Rose Room Creamery in Chennai will rock your world

Expect beautiful decor with floral touches, chandeliers and glimpses of yesteryar actor Audrey Hepburn

Sonali Shenoy Published :  13th March 2020 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  13th March 2020 06:00 AM

Milk cake

Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja's wife, Zafroon Nizar, just opened a café-meets-fashion boutique in Nungambakkam. And between a rose garden on one wall, velvet pink couches and even rose-tinted water glasses — we are smitten. Over an impressively moist slice of ‘milk cake’ — which comes with a mini jug of thick, sweetened milk that you can pour over for even more decadence — we sit down for a chat with the 30-year-old. 


Velvet seats and petal dreams

Childhood dreams
She shares with us that she has been designing ensembles for family and friends for close to a decade now. But it was more recently, in 2018, that she made it official with Eclectic by Zafrun on Instagram. This was also the same year that she designed costumes for leading lady Raiza Wilson, in her film debut with Pyaar Prema Kaadhal. Speaking of her now dual-purpose entrepreneurial venture, where food-meets-fashion, she says, it’s been on her mind for a while now. “I’ve always wanted to create a space of my own ever since I was a little girl. And this, is very much is a reflection of my personal aesthetic and personality,” she gestures around her. 


Cold coffee

Mirror mirror   
 We discover chandeliers in every section — be it in the neon pink lit lounge section at the entrance, framed as art on the wall, above the macaroons and cupcakes in the dessert counter and even in the floral-themed restroom. You might also want to count the number of  Audrey Hepburn’s you can spot, right from cushion covers to a vintage movie reel in a full-length mirror frame.


Zafroon Nizar


Butterfly pea tea

The café’s physical menu is not ready yet, given that it just opened last week. But our server brings out a generous high tea (which includes four sandwiches, three  desserts, two scones with clotted cream and jam and a beverage). We dive into platters of tuna and chicken sandwiches, maple macaroons and  layers of ganache and chocolate, with a French-inspired Opera cake. The hot chocolate, we are surprised to hear comes in 10 flavours, including a basic dark, milk and white chocolate, as well as combinations like Dark chocolate & Mint and Hazelnut Hugs. While the desserts, which we are told, are outsourced, include mini cheesecakes with swirls of salted caramel on top, as well as a white chocolate mousse ensconced in an adorable heart-shaped shell. 

High tea is INR 600, milkshakes at INR 285 and cupcakes INR 80 upwards.