Kraft Retail Dining on the ECR serves up global plates, browse the architect-owner's home decor fittings while you wait for your food

We recommend the Sri Lankan crab curry which is a must-try on the menu

Sonali Shenoy Published :  31st December 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  31st December 2021 07:00 AM

A glimpse of the interiors at Kraft Retail dining

Kraft Retail Dining is one of those restaurants that makes you want to look around. Located on the ECR, (near Mayajaal) the interiors pack in plenty of inspiration for home design, showcasing wall hangings, gift boxes and planters, all from architect-owner Anitha Mohan’s firm, Wood Inc. We set our sights on an antique carved teak side table with a peacock on top, as Anitha (42) shares, “I wanted this to be the kind of space where people were naturally interacting with the décor, without it feeling like shopping.” 


Tibetan momos served with spicy chilli chutney


Watermelon sugar
We like the idea. It feels organic, much like the earthy colour palette of the spacious 62-seater. Settling in at our table, a glimpse of the menu reveals a smattering of cuisines  — Pan Asian, Indian and Tandoori, Mediterranean, Sri Lankan, Korean and even a one-off Goan Fish curry. Partner M Mohamed Ali (who you might know from Sahib’s Biryani) roped in Chef Gokul K Mohit, who studied at The Culinary Institute of America, New York; and we are quickly impressed by his rollout of eclectic flavours. There is a crunchy Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken to start with served with sriracha mayo and a Korean Gojuchang Chicken packed with those umami notes. We whet our palates further with a pretty pink Watermelon punch, which chef Gokul informs us has been given a Korean twist with a hit of Sprite in the mix. Unexpected, but definitely yum. 


Sichuan doubanjan fish


Sri Lankan crab curry

Shell we taste?
Mains deliver a hearty feast of Malay-style Nyonya Curry alongside roti canai. The latter is on the sweeter side with condensed milk. From China, we slurp up spicy-saucy Dan Dan Noodles with a generous portion of mince meat. And later, the piece de résistance — Sri Lanka’s popular Mud Crab. The meat is as succulent as we had hoped and the earthy flavour of the brown sauce it is cooked in is distinct, courtesy the Jaffna curry powder in the recipe. For dessert, we sample an airy croissant from the pastry section, as well as a more decadent Belgian Chocolate Cake. But it’s the exotic savoury fare that isn’t commonplace on most menus that will have us coming back. We already know what to order on our next visit: The Persian Rice Bowl with gyro chicken. 

Meal for two: INR 1,200.