Mamagoto at EA rolls out a fresh platter of sushi and a host of other new dishes

From creamy Thai White Curry Noodles to platters of delicious sushi and dimsums, the new menu at Mamagoto in EA has some fesh flavours on offer

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  19th November 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  19th November 2021 12:00 AM

New menu at Mamagoto

The colourful Mamagoto restaurant in Express Avenue Mall is often part of a bigger plan that includes probably a movie and some shopping in the mix. However, last week we headed to the eatery to try a degustation line-up of their new menu. With surprising thumping music in the background, we found ourselves savouring an attractive platter of Sandwich Salmon Sushi. The triangle shaped morsels of pure delight got us wondering how any dish after this could get any better!

Paul Raymond, a partner at this restaurant, concurs, “We keep popping up with quirky new dishes and drinks every now and then, which makes us madly addictive. We are funky, interactive, fresh, colourful, and beaming with energy and our excitement hits the ceiling when people say, “You are too noisy.” So, recently we worked more on rolling out sushi experiments, then deconstructed, worked again and got them so delicious that we don’t know how they got so good!”

The folks at the restaurant seem to have taken that as a challenge and we soon concede that the Spicy Prawn Har Gao is a tasty contender. The Maki Rolls kept us busy till the dimsum basket came steaming and distracting, where the Chicken Gyoza was in a delicate wrap with juicy stuffing. Next we were slurping from a generous bowl of meaty broth, scooping succulent bits of mixed seafood. The soup was light and flavoursome, the kind we crave during cyclone weather for sure!

Next we try the ThaiWhite Curry Noodles that we picked from nearly two dozen new dishes in the menu that include the completely fresh sushi roll out. Rich and creamy, it had a green-currygone-creamier kind of vibe, and made for a filling main course, with soft plump noodles in the mix. In a bid to call it a night, we opt for the desserts, only to find that lingering over a soft sponge cake soaked in caramel sauce was the right thing to do! There was a homely Mama’s Chocolate Cake slice for those who prefer darker taste notes.

Meal for two: INR 1,200