Svah in Besant Nagar impresses with a vegetarian glocal menu and a stunning ambience 

This bistro by the beach is part of the Synck property and offers a scenic vegetarian spot in Besant Nagar that teases your senses with interesting glocal flavours and a stunning outdoor ambience
Svah, the bistro at Synck
Svah, the bistro at Synck

We have discovered that the Synck, the gorgeous property in Besant Nagar that opened last year, has to be explored leisurely over a period of time, course by course. Right from their fine dining space Svasa to the thumping restobar Spirits and the versatile mini theatre, the sprawling space is all part of Krithika Subrahmanian’s creative ingenuity.

Candle light evenings

This week, we trouped over to the space to check out Svah, their 150-seater bistro. With candles in quaint lanterns on every table, the design of the place is charming with curious antiques and furniture in every nook and cranny to distract you. We started by sipping on a sweet Cosmopolitan and pondered on the beauty of a mirrored door, set up as a décor piece.

Architect by profession, Krithika a feted bharatnatyam dancer and the founder of Synck, tells us, “Glocal is our concept — to serve our customers fresh, healthy, and delicious global vegetarian fare, using seasonal, local produce. The designer ambience at Svah is a relaxed vibe to unwind and have memorable good time good times!”

Soon the starters have our attention as thick squares of Kothimbari Vada come to our table along with the Peri Peri Cheese Croquettes. We nibble on the offerings and we decide to go indulgent and skip the soups and salads. From their Asian delights, we try the delicious sweet and sticky lotus stem tossed with peppers and mushrooms, retaining just the right amount of crunch. My companion who is observing Navratri is delighted with all the vegetarian fare and digs enthusiastically into a hot bowl of Misal Pav where the small buns are soft and sweetish, pairing perfectly with the spicy curry.

With the India vs Australia cricket match scores being discussed seriously in the background, the Kandhari Paneer Tikka pizza came on cue and added to the heat! Juicy and cheesy, the pie was filling and worked as a main course for us. However, the September humidity got to us and we ventured into one of the cosy air conditioned private dining spaces that can seat about 10.

Here we lingered over a variety of gelatos where the mango flavour was sweet with mango preserve in the mix and the green apple surprised with the distinct tang of the fruit. Chocolate lovers can revel in the whiskey-flavoured variant, while those who like it sweeter can opt for the caramel. As we reluctantly took leave, we were promised the quintessential kaapi on our next visit.

At Besant Nagar.

Meal for two at INR 1,200 (exclusive of beverages). 

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