Chennai-based Butterheads introduces healthy bowls and a brand new deli menu

From salad bowls and hummus platters to dips and smoothies, the offerings at Butterheads are unique and delicious

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  25th February 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  25th February 2022 12:00 AM

Bocconcini winter salad from Butterheads

Last year in July, when we visited the then all-new Butterheads kiosk in Gandhi Nagar, we came away talking about unique offerings like Thayir Sadam salad and healthy smoothies. This year, we are back at the counter to check out their new additions for the season that include four wholesome bowls and a new deli section. The proprietor Abbas Shahzad tells us that the former was his attempt to celebrate winter, while the latter was purely demand-driven where regulars were requesting their dips and accompaniments.

Soul food

From the bowls (INR 365 onward) we try the Fajita Bowl that comes in both chicken and paneer versions — we opt for the vegetarian one. Expect robust flavours, olive rice with veggies, marinated beans and sour cream. Meanwhile, the Thai Curry bowl is a homely offering of comforting chicken curry with rice — where the portions are generous and filling. The Smokin’ Hot BBQ Bowl is a complete meal with vegetables and basil ranch. The Winter Bocconcini Salad bowl is for those who don’t mind that hint of delectable sweetness in their meal — as the mix here features spiced roasted pumpkin, chilli jam marinated bocconcini, pickled cranberries and maple mustard dressing.

Dress up

The deli signatures (starting at INR 120) include six addictive dips that are really a boon if you are in a rush and need that something to brighten up a dish. Our favourite turns out to be the No Cheese Pesto Dressing that is light and fresh, and we can happily use it as a sandwich spread or as a dip for crackers, besides being an obvious salad dressing. The Home Made BBQ Sauce is easily likeable and works well when tossed with grilled chicken and veggies. Other dressings include Asian, Mexican, Red Chilli Ketchup and House Mix Lettuce. With hummus platters becoming a staple at homes post pandemic, the Butterheads deli menu also includes a Hummus & Granola section (starting at INR150). Expect toasted rolled oats, tapioca crisps and melon seeds — where there are two options of hummus. We prefer the Roasted Garlic Basil over the Olive flavour. With subscription meals a trend now, Butterheads also has a separate menu of salads for a period of 12 and 24 days (from INR 3,999 onward). You could also order a single meal from that line-up, as they do have a subscription special on offer in their regular menu.

— Sabrina Rajan