Gourmet popsicles to teeny-tiny piccolo cones, this ice cream trail through Chennai is out of cone-trol

Gear up for a marathon of chilled deliciousness with this list

Sonali Shenoy Published :  01st July 2022 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st July 2022 07:00 AM

Popsicle from The Perf Ice Candy

Popsicles to teeny-tiny piccolo cones, summer in Chennai comes with a liberal dose of variety this year — if you are seeking out some cool comfort. We discover flavours that are fruity, chocolatey, floral and nutty...  and downright unheard of — Dragonfruit & Cashew anyone? Also notable is a shift to more vegan-friendly menus and a leaning toward nostalgia-inspired options — from Kit Kat to Kheer. We hope you’re ready for a marathon of chill with this list.



Blimey, these are tiny!
They say all good things come in small packages. And this batch of six Piccolo (‘small’ in Italian) ice cream cones certainly fits the description. Each one is about three inches or roughly the size of your ring finger. The cones are topped with scoops of vegan gelato or sorbet made with coconut or soy milk. Flavours include Alphonso Mango, Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry Sorbet, Lime & Mint and the hottest seller, Lotus Biscoff. New flavours for the season include Kit Kat, Kunafa and Ferrero, expected by the end of the week. INR 170 for six cones. At all outlets of Lyfe by Soul Garden and Antari. 
IG: @lyfebysoulgarden



Jackfruit & jelly
Dumont Creamery, a premium ice cream brand from Vijayawada, which is over 20 years old, recently opened a franchise outlet in Chennai. Expect an eclectic line-up of more than 32 flavours, including the likes of Brown Sugar, Maple & Cinnamon Shortbread, Dragonfruit & Cashew and Campfire Chocolate with Smoked Almonds. We understand why the latter is a fast-mover the moment we dig in and also find ourselves mighty impressed with the summery Jackfruit with a smattering of real fruit chunks and the Dumont Jelly that has an interesting play of textures. Also opt for ice cream cookie sandwiches, ice cream cake jars or turn your frozen dessert into a milkshake. INR 66 to INR 99 per scoop. IG: @dumontchennai



Want s’more?
If you spot a white Vespa serving ‘gourmet’ popsicles in and around Elliot’s Beach, be sure to screech to a stop. With novel choices like S’mores (think Chocolate popsicles with torched marshmallows) and Blueberries & Mint (using fresh ingredients as opposed to ready-to-use syrups) — two-month-old ‘Kuchice’ — has fast become a popular spot for folks with a sweet tooth looking for a late-night fix. We sampled the Belgian Callebaut chocolate and were blown away, and already have our eye on the Banana & Nutella to try out next. INR 60 to INR 170. IG: @kuchice_chennai





Rose milk gelato?
This spot tucked away in a quiet corner of Thiruvanmiyur serves Italian-style gelato but with local flavours. Browsing through the glass showcase of Afters Gelato, which launched late last year — we spot Omani Halwa, Filter Coffee and Kalathi Rose Milk. A wave of nostalgia washes over us as we spot the name Condensed Milk and hark back to our childhood when we used to dip a spoon in the tin and lick it clean with glee. Our scoop, creamy and indulgent, did not disappoint. Seasonal specials include Alphonso Mango and Nungu (ice apple). INR 95 to INR 125 per scoop. IG: @aftersgelato




Chill sandwich
Truly Scrumptious in Adyar has introduced some varied flavours of ice cream in the last couple of months. For something fruity, look out for scoops of Fig & Honey or the Pineapple Coconut Sorbet. Chocolate lovers will enjoy the Chocolate with Salted Caramel Swirl and Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich. We however are keen to pick up their newest popsicles which include a classic Strawberries & Cream, as well as a Cappuccino option. INR 100 to INR 185. IG: @trulyscrumptiouschennai





Beet the heat
Shmoozie’s in Anna Nagar recently rolled out some unique flavour pairings for the summer. Sample this: Beet Jam & Fennel Cream (which we’re told is already a crowd favourite), Banana Cream & Papaya Coulis for some tropical island vibes and finally a twist on the traditional apple pie with Apple Jam & Pecan Praline. Also, not to miss while it is still in season is their light and breezy Mango Mint! Starts at INR 236 for 100 ml. IG: @shmoozies



Banoffee ice pop
Vegan brand The Perf Ice Candy in Anna Nagar has been around for three years now, but they recently launched a spree of new flavours. Expect a spectrum of local flavours like Jamun, Kamarkattu (jaggery with coconut milk) as well as British-inspired Banoffee Pie! Also recommended for the season are top sellers like the Sugarcane, Mango and Grape. INR 40 to INR 100. IG: @theperficecandy