Asia Kitchen at Somerset Greenways Chennai opens its doors with a marathon menu and big flavours 

The menu serves Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine spread across a 143 dishes!

Sonali Shenoy Published :  02nd June 2023 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  02nd June 2023 07:00 AM

Salmon nigiri

Purple momos to golden curry rice, an afternoon at the new Asia Kitchen by Mainland China is a myriad of colour and flavour. Executive chef Indraneel Bhattacharya from the Speciality Chain of Restaurants which has partnered with Brydan Foods to open this restaurant at Somerset Greenways Chennai tells us the menu, which offers up a marathon 143 dishes has been in the making since January. And a quick flip through the pages reveals everything from Sichuan Chilli Lobster to Japanese-style Donburi bowls to the much-loved Thai Green Curry. Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for shareable plates, there are satay and sushi options aplenty.

The plush interiors feel spacious and can accommodate close to a 100 people which is great on a busy weekend. And on the far end is a show kitchen where guests can get a glimpse of the action while waiting for their food to arrive. Our wait goes by in a blink however, as the server quickly plies our table with so many appetisers that we barely have a vacant spot for chopsticks! 




Blue pea & spicy asparagus dumplings

Soy good!
We dig into plates of Blue Pea and Spicy Asparagus Dumplings (the blue pea flower turns them into a pretty purple colour), Thai Fish Cakes paired with a homemade sweet chilli sauce and saucy and crisp fried Lotus Stems. But the favourites of this round turn out to be the simple but exquisite Salmon Nigiri with the slightest touch of wasabi swirled into our soya dipping sauce and close on its heels, the Chicken Wrapped in a Pandan Leaf — unwrap for a moist, flavourful bite.


Red rubies

Blue rice & red rubies
For mains, the Phad Thai Noodles tossed with bean sprouts and chilli flakes is a hit at our table. We also really enjoy the Japanese home-style Omurice in a simple bean and butter sauce, finished off with a golden omelette on top. Definitely on our recommendation list. For dessert, we are served giant scoops of Mochi ice cream which would look fab on your next Instagram story. And the Mango with sticky rice, in this case ‘blue rice’ courtesy the aforementioned blue pea flower, is perfect for the season. But it is the Water Chestnut Rubies in Coconut Milk that has our heart.  The coconut milk is delicately flavoured with a pandan leaf and a handful of ice cubes in the mix cool it down for  the perfect  way to wrap up a summer lunch.   

Meal for two INR 1,900 approx.