Cafe Cake Bee offers much more than just coffee

From an English brekkie to some mouth-watering fare, Café Cake Bee has something for everyone.

author_img Janani Sampath Published :  21st June 2019 03:35 PM   |   Published :   |  21st June 2019 03:35 PM

Café cake bee is the latest hotspot for coffee and conversations in Bharathi Park, which is slowly shaping up to be a food hub with new eateries popping up on a weekly basis. The elegant café is done up in mauve and wood tones and complete with its white picket fences and lawn, gives you the feeling of being in a cosy European bistro.  

Continental delight

Chicken Sowlaki

The moment you take a look at their menu, you realise that Cake Bee has so much more than coffee as you flip through pages of European and Mediterranean dishes. With successfully operating branches in Chennai and Trichy, the café opened up a week ago in Coimbatore and is already seeing a lot of patrons walking in for a continental dining experience. “We are well-known for our pastry stores across Tamil Nadu and we wanted to expand into the dining sector. That is how the café concept came about,” says PM Sundar, General Manager of Café Cake Bee.

Gastronomic aplomb

I started my meal with the mushroom cappuccino, which is a generous portion of creamy soup made out of pureed mushrooms. After the mild soup, the chef recommended the pita which was served with beetroot flavoured hummus. While the pita was overly crunchy, the pink-hued hummus was full of flavour and complemented the bread well.  

Food for the Gods

Lamb lahmajun

For main course, I picked the Lamb lahmajun, a Turkish pizza topped with some minced meat  The pizza base was thin, the meat was seasoned well with Mediterranean spices that added a spicy punch to the mild base. Next up, I tried the Chicken souvlaki, which is chunks of skewered grilled chicken served on a bed of herbed rice with a side of cucumber yoghurt. The meat was tender and marinated with curd and chilli powder along with other spices and grilled to perfection. The aromatic rice went well with the spicy cubes of meat and the yoghurt added a sour tang to it.

Quirky cuppa Joe

Red velvet lava cake

To wrap up the interesting meal, I decided to have a cup of coffee and was surprised to find a separate beverage menu with an assortment of unique coffees like the Siphon, Chemex and Hario V60 which are made using different types of drip and filter methods. “We wanted to cover the entire coffee palette from bitter to sweet and so we decided to expand our coffee menu with some authentically prepared brews from around the world,” says Nikhil Bhat, who owns the café.


And if you are someone who has a thing for sugar, then, needless to say, the red velvet lava cake at Café Cake Bee is a must-try. Approximately `600 for two.