Here's how you can snack mindfully as you get used to the idea of social distancing

We give you a round-up of a few gourmet portals from the city where you can order healthy albeit tasty goodies.

Paulami Sen Published :  20th March 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th March 2020 12:00 AM

Chikkis, courtesy Vibrant Living by Sridevi Jasti

As social distancing has been the order of the day, we try to highlight how important it is to pay utmost attention to what you are eating as you work from home. While the three big meals of the day — breakfast, lunch and dinner are mostly planned, it is the snacks in-between meals that one forgets about quite often. That might lead to digging into unhealthy options or junk food. So, we give you a round-up of a few gourmet portals from the city where you can order healthy albeit tasty goodies. We suggest you stock up on your favourite nutrient-dense snacks and staples. 

For the love of chikkis
Vibrant Living Foods, founded by city-based Sridevi Jasti, is quite popular with the Hyderabadis. Her clients include Tollywood bigwigs like Nagarjuna and Amala Akkineni, Namrata Shirodkar and so on. The nutritionist who has studied abroad and participated in health food workshops believes in making delicious snacks from local ingredients. Moreover, she asserts, “It is not just about picking the right ingredients but one also has to take care of how they combine with the others,” says Sridevi, asserting that her philosophy is about creating snacks that are nourishing for our body and soul. Her chikkis, trail mixes and spreads are prepared with care so that the deliciousness isn’t compromised but at the same time it nourishes you as well. What can you look forward to getting from Vibrant Living?  Her chikkis made from pre-soaked almonds, puffed amaranth, organic jaggery topped with jowar puffs. Her trail mixes with sesame and pumpkin seeds are popular gourmet snacks that are guilt-free too! Moreover, she adds that she wishes to remind people of their childhood and to acquaint the new generation with the goodness of the humble Indian chikki albeit made differently with organic options.
Rs 275 onwards for 150 grams.

My V Circle offers ample choices


Multiple choices and sustainability
My V Circle by husband and wife duo Anneysa Ghosh and Sharukh Kumar specialises in curating preservative-free short eats and drinks. “From organic, vegan snacks and gluten-free pasta to clean superfoods and kombuchas, we got it all,” says the city-based co-founder. From this portal, one has the option to filter by diets — high-protein, and gluten-free. They are also eco-friendly when it comes to clean packaging and ethical sourcing. Moreover, you can also opt for a subscription box from them. “The team of experts has crafted a guide that goes out with every delivery to help members build their immunity. The top of the list is loading up on your vitamin C, D, zinc, probiotics and flavonoids,” shares Anneysa while speaking to us. Things one can stock up on are the Beetroot and Basil Pasta for a gluten-free and nutrient-dense meal. For a quick snack in-between meals, there are seeds and nuts which are great sources of zinc and vitamin D. One can also opt for Double Espresso Protein Bar, Caco herbal tea, Chilli Lime Quinoa Pops, Quinoa and Kale Vegan and Gluten-Free Chips. Rs 200 onwards.


FMN and Orka offers healthy sweet treats

Why technique matters
Nobin K John, the co-founder of Jubilee Hills-based Orka and portal Fix My Nutrition (FMN), also happens to be a functional medicine certified health coach practitioner. He suggests, “Snacking is vital,” adding,  “it ensures that one does not binge eat, as that can affect gut health in the long run.” So he is inclined on providing options without processed sugars, unhealthy fats, chemical fillers and stabilisers. “We at Orka and Fix My nutrition respect the bio-individuality of each individual and design options accordingly,” states the fitness enthusiast, adding that apart from choosing the best possible ingredients, methods like ozone wash techniques, temperature-sensitive cooking methods, plastic-free storage and delivery techniques have been adopted to enhance the quality of the mini-meals. From Orka and FMN you can obtain Gluten-Free Kurkuri, Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chip, Mix Veg Muffins, Sorghum Tea Cake, Nankhatai Cookie, Very Nutty Protein Bowl , Keto Brownies and Keto-Cheese Cakes, Assorted Vegan Muffins and Snack Packs. Rs 150 onwards.

AkiMi takes care to use lots of nuts and fruits

Secret of your energy
AkiMi gourmet by Midhila Raavi and Akila Vankalapati has a range of energy bites, granolas, cookies, smoothies and spreads that can come in handy if you are looking to stock up on artisanal health food. “We have carefully chosen ingredients that have high nutrition value and are essential to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. So refined-sugar and refined-flour  — the key ingredients in baking — have been replaced with healthier alternatives,” informs city-based Midhila. They mostly specialise in made-to-order services as they believe in sourcing fresh batches of ingredients. You can order their Chocolate Cake made with Almond flour (loaded with vitamin E) or granola replete with nuts and super seeds for a quick evening snack. They also have an array of smoothies like their Pineapple Green Smoothie or Popeye Smoothie loaded with seasonal greens. Also, we suggest that you try out their energy bites that are great in-between-meal snacks. “We have dry fruit energy bites that are loaded with nine types of nuts. Also, our Cranberry Almond Energy Bites are a great source of antioxidants,” informs Midhila.
Rs 400 onwards.