Coffee: From bean to your cup

Ahead of International Coffee Day on October 1, chef Mahesh Padala from  Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel talks about sustainable coffee sourcing and shares a delightful cold coffee recipe. Take a look!
Representative image (Source: Unspalsh)
Representative image (Source: Unspalsh)

International Coffee Day, on October 1 is dedicated to honouring one of the world’s most beloved beverages: the day is celebrated each year, providing an opportunity for coffee lovers worldwide to come together and acknowledge the rich history, cultural significance and global impact of coffee.

Coffee has a long and storied history and over the centuries, it has become an integral part of many cultures, symbolising hospitality, social gatherings and even artistry. International Coffee Day raises awareness about the challenges faced by coffee producers and the need for sustainable practices in the coffee industry. Issues such as fair trade, ethical sourcing, and environmental sustainability are often discussed on this day, highlighting the importance of supporting responsible coffee production.

Mahesh Padala, Chef and Cluster Director of Food and Beverage at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel shares some thoughts on sustainable coffee sourcing. “The increasing coffee culture in India, especially over the last decades, has resulted in tangible success for many coffee players spread across B2B, retail and the Indian cafe market,” he said.

“Farmers should be educated to adopt sustainable farming practices. Collaborative efforts and mutual accountability are required to address the value and risk imbalance in global supply networks. Shared responsibility models will make it easier to divide value and risk more fairly. For most individuals, determining sustainability is as simple as looking at the product’s packaging. When it comes to coffee, however, we must consider the entire process, from bean to cup, rather than just the final result. A single bean of coffee goes through a long journey before it reaches your cup every morning. It begins with the farmers nurturing coffee trees for about three to four years for their first harvest. After that, the journey through various processes till it reaches the cup. Following the fundamentals of any business, ‘great success comes with great responsibility,’” he explained.

Whether you prefer your coffee black, with cream and sugar, or as an elaborate speciality drink, International Coffee Day is an opportunity to savour the flavours and aromas of this beloved brew while acknowledging its global significance and the efforts of those who bring it to our cups.

 Single-shot espresso  

 70 grams of ice  

 1 scoop of ice cream  

 120 ml of milk  

 5 grams of brown sugar  

 1 gram of cocoa powder

 Boba pearls  

 Chocolate sauce

1. Start by preparing a coffee shot directly on 70 grams of ice.
2. Transfer the coffee shot and ice into a blender.   3. Add one scoop of ice cream, 120 ml of milk, 5 grams of brown sugar, and 1 gram of cocoa powder to the blender.   4. Blend everything together until smooth and well combined.   5. In a glass, add boba pearls.   6. Drizzle chocolate sauce on the side of the glass. 7. Pour the blended coffee mixture on top of the boba pearls.  8. Give it a stir and enjoy your delicious cold coffee with boba!

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