Review: Betsubara offers visionary dishes like Haleem Shots and Cilantro Rice

From the light and fluffy cheesecakes to the rich and decadent mud pies, the newly-opened café is a celebration of taste 
Paan Macaroon, Chocolate Orange Pastry
Paan Macaroon, Chocolate Orange Pastry

A visit to Betsubara is a must for any foodie looking to explore the exciting culinary landscape of Jubilee Hills. The high ceilings and exposed piping gave the café an edge, while the colourful artwork and murals of comic book heroes, and villains added a playful touch to the ambience. 

The establishment’s exterior boasts sleek and modern architecture, with a stunning glass facade that lets natural light flood into the space. Inside, the atmosphere is lively and inviting, with cushy booths and trendy decor. Betsubara, with its intriguing Japanese moniker, translating to ‘always room for desserts’, is a veritable paradise for those with a sweet tooth. The dessert pipeline at this chic and modern café boats an array of inventive and decadent treats that will leave even the most discerning connoisseur in awe.  

From the sumptuous Tiramisu to the rich and velvety Paan Macaroon, the desserts here are crafted with the finest ingredients and in a perfect euphony of essences. In addition to the classics, Betsubara offers a range of tantalising creations including the Tres Leches Cake and the intriguing Chocolate Orange Pastry. To accompany these treats, the café also offers an extensive selection of speciality teas and coffees, ranging from the delicate and aromatic Earl Grey to the indulgent and creamy Cappuccino. 

The food menu invited us to a fusion of Japanese and Indian cuisines, carefully crafted by culinarians, who bring over a decade of succulence to the table. Expect visionary dishes like Haleem Shots, Cilantro Rice with Creamy Exotic, and Mushroom Sauce Grilled Chicken. When describing the presentation, one could say that the devil was in the details. Each dish was plated with care, with vibrant colours and bold piquancy that transport diners to a world of gastronomic bliss. For those looking for a refreshing drink to couple their meal with, Betsubara’s signature quenchers feature peerless blends like the Almond Pralaine Frappe and the Café Mocha.

Our session continued, the heady aroma of freshly brewed coffee coasted through the air. And as we took our first bite of the sumptuous vegan dips, our taste buds were flooded with a myriad of crumble and softness. The gentle hum of conversation and the clink of cutlery provided a soothing background to the café’s charm, both cosy and modern in equal measure. We took another glance at the vicinity’s healthy blend of contemporary and rustic elements - the wooden accents and soft lighting will perennially draw us in. 

 `800 for two.

At Jubilee Hills

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