Be my suey-mate at Sesame

This Pan-Asian restaurant is all about refreshing Himalayan cuisines and addictive Katsu
Soup momos
Soup momos

In December, when Sesame cruised into Gachibowli, right next door to the busy tech hub, this diner became a headquarters for Asian food. Sesame attracts visitors with its red, white and blue bunting and hanging red lanterns.

Owner Harish Aritakula, speaking over our visit, said, he hoped his restaurant would be the kind of place that customers would be happy to return to day after day. The wide variety of plates makes the restaurant a nook that diners are not likely to tire of quickly.

A Pan-Asian nightspot, it serves food not only from Japan but also from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan; enthusiasts will spot some regional inspirations in the mix, too. The décor of this simple yet attractive storefront is Japanese, anchored by multiple lights; a small war m shrine high on the wall.

On another wall is an eye-catching depiction of ornate windows — also some enlarged photographs of yore framed lovingly. The setting also features black wooden tables and chairs, tile floors and numerous rice paper screens. The crunch of the golden Corn Cubes sizzled in the hot oil, transforming into bite-sized nuggets. Next, expect succulent shrimp, bathed in a luscious Thai coconut sauce, nestled within pillowy soft bao buns.

The shrimp dance with the coconut cream, while the bao cradles the savoury concoction — that’s Thai Coconut Shrimp Bao for you. The Water Chestnut and Cheese Dim Sum mingled with the gooey, melted cheese while we also noticed the chef meticulously rolling the Katsu Uramaki. Crispy katsu, tender rice, expertly enveloped in a seaweed wrap.

The herbs and spices from the Pan-fried Momos sealed the air with crispiness on the outside while housing the pulpy chicken for a mouthwatering junket. The Cheesy Chicken Wings, a collection of fried morsels, kept its grind because of the spicy sauce which was served on the side.

Other recommended delectables are the Himalayan cuisines in the likes of Dashi and Khao Suey. Imagine a steaming bowl brimming with a hearty broth, where the fragrance of cumin, coriander, and cardamom weaves together with dollops that swim gracefully to absorb crafted spices. Dashi embodies a comforting warmth and a depth of lingering savours.

Likewise, the Khao Suey, another Himalayan gem, is a sensory delight that invites you to create your culinary adventure. This Burmese-influenced dish is a congruous medley of fragrant coconut curry broth, rich and silky, where rice noodles float, awaiting the vivacious accompaniments.

`1,000 to 1,200 for two. At Gachibowli. @PaulChokita

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