Aaromale is here to make your hearts happier and healthier 

We left this space, feeling inspired, and satisfied, while eagerly anticipating our next visit to explore more of their treats
Red Velvet Pastry
Red Velvet Pastry

We found ourselves spellbound by the smoky, tangy and spicy Peri Peri Chicken. The savoury marinated and grilled, left a delightful warmth lingering on our palates, inviting us to treasure every mouthful. We sampled manifold dishes at Aaromale’s newly added items to the existing menu.

For another, the Butter Chicken Garlic Prawns housed a fusion of creamy sauce and plump, juicy prawns. The marriage of tastes was marvellous, with the garlic adding an aromatic depth. Our taste buds were treated to a sonnet of Mediterranean cuisine with Aaromale’s Mezze Platter. From the creamy hummus to the tangy tzatziki and baba ganoush, each dip was a revelry of freshness and verismo, paired with warm pita bread and crisp vegetables.

The Manual Brew and Cold Brew showcased the artistry of coffeemaking, with each sip revealing layers of complexity and nuance. While the former boasted floral aromas and bright citrus notes, the Cold Brew offered smooth, velvet and bold chocolaty undertones, making for a truly forgiving coffee exposure. We couldn’t help but smile at the whimsical presentation of the Asteroids in Orbit Ice Cream.

The creamy ice cream, studded with colourful candy asteroids, brought back fond childhood memories with its delightful treat for the young at heart. Next in line, the Ravioli was with delicate pasta parcels of impassioning creamy ricotta cheese and spinach. The light, zesty tomato sauce provided the perfect accompaniment, enveloping our taste buds in a comforting embrace with every forkful. Last but not least, the outlet served a bowl of wholesome Quinoa Pulao, where nutty quinoa grains were infused with fragrant spices and tossed with crisp vegetables and protein.

`1,200 for two. At Film Nagar.
— chokita@newindianexpress. com @PaulChokita

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