Soothing Kerala’s cravings

Sisters Shilpa and Sneha have been exploring Kerala’s culinary delights for three years

author_img Mahima Anna Jacob Published :  20th August 2022 12:43 PM   |   Published :   |  20th August 2022 12:43 PM
Kerala’s culinary delights

Kerala’s culinary delights

Siblings Shilpa Ravi and Sneha Ravi admit their love for food can define their relationship. For the past three years, the youngsters have been cataloguing their food expedition on social media. Born and brought up in the middle east, the sisters were exposed to different cuisines right from a young age. Their intense love for everything culinary stemmed right from their home. Their mother’s lip-smacking food is what made them foodies. 

“My mother is an exceptional cook, whatever she makes, be it a naadan dish or continental cuisine, it has a unique taste. I don’t think anyone else can recreate that particular taste. Our parents’ love for experimenting with world cuisines has played a huge role in our drive to taste everything and anything,” says Shilpa, who is a chartered accountancy student. 

After settling down in Malappuram during their teenage years, their quest continued in Kerala. “At first, we searched for our beloved dishes from the UAE in Kerala. Eventually, these explorations opened our eyes to the umpteen options available in our home state,” says 20-year-old Sneha, a BA English Literature student at Sacred Hearts College in Kochi. That is how the duo started Cravings of Kerala, their famous Instagram page. “Initially, we posted all our culinary adventures on our personal social media accounts. Soon, people asked us to start a food page,” says Shilpa.

From high-end places to modest shops, the duo features myriad food locations. From naadan oonu, sweets and chaats to seafood pasta, the sisters taste and review everything they love and hate in one-minute videos.  “Our expeditions are mostly centred around Kozhikode and Kochi. As we are students, we don’t have the time to travel much. However, there is no dearth of interesting places in these cities. There are many more places to explore,” says Shilpa. However, they once went on an exclusive food trip to Bengaluru with their own hard-earned money. One of the most memorable culinary journeys for the duo. “The ghee podi idli we had from Rameshwaram Cafe was bliss. Even now, we can remember that special taste, blend of all the masalas and the ghee. It is one of our favourite dishes,” says Shilpa.

The duo is also known for their short and quick recipes. “We began featuring our mother’s hit recipes such as the signature chemmeen podi chammanthi and many chutneys,” says Sneha. Despite juggling studies and their passion for food, the sisters explain what keeps them going. “It is a proud moment when our viewers agree with our reviews. In our videos, we just say what we feel. So they trust us for that and we want to keep it like that forever,” says the duo. Instagram: @cravingsofkerala