Embark on a culinary journey to Thailand in the heart of Mumbai

Celebrating 30 Years of exquisite Thai Cuisine at Thai Pavilion in Mumbai
Embark on a culinary journey to Thailand in the heart of Mumbai
Thai Pavilion is located in the President hotel, Mumbai

Thai Pavilion, a cherished culinary landmark in Mumbai, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Since its grand opening in 1993, this renowned restaurant, nestled within a prestigious 5-star hotel, has set the benchmark for exceptional Thai cuisine in India.

Under the guidance of Executive Chef Uddipan Chakravarthy, Thai Pavilion offers an ever-evolving menu that masterfully balances sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. Diners are transported to Thailand through an exquisite culinary journey without leaving Mumbai.

The menu features beloved dishes that have delighted guests from the very beginning like Pla Nueng Manao: steamed john dory with lemon garlic sauce, Som Tum: a refreshing young papaya salad, Tom Yum: a spicy soup flavored with lemongrass and bird eye chili and Tum Tim Grob: diced water chestnut with coconut milk.

That is not all. The restaurant also unveiled its new dishes at the anniversary and we were delighted to try out the special menu. Some of the must-try dishes from it are Sweet & Sour Water Chestnut, Thai Green Curry, Silken Tofu in Oyster Coriender Sauce, Crispy Lotus Root Chilli Garlic and Mango Sticky Rice, which was our favourite.

The ambiance at Thai Pavilion is a harmonious blend of traditional Thai art and modern interior design, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can enjoy semi-private dining areas, traditional family-style round tables with a lazy Susan, and admire intricately carved scrap wood collages depicting Thai motifs.

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