Three beverage and food pairings you should try out at Mumbai's new bar

Trident, Nariman Point has unveiled Ness, a new bar capturing the dynamic essence of Mumbai
Ness at Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai
Ness at Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Ness reflects Mumbai's cosmopolitan vibrancy and warm hospitality. It offers breathtaking sea vistas and Mumbai's signature balmy climate. The design embraces open, airy spaces, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor elements. Lush foliage and an expansive sea-facing deck create an inviting ambiance, while mustard and green furnishings add a stylish yet cozy touch.

Ness mirrors Mumbai's diverse culinary landscape, with a menu catering to every palate. Local favorites like Akuri Keema Taco, Avocado “Bhajji,” and Sabudana Butter Fruit Bhel sit alongside gourmet delights such as Miso Cod and Lamb Merguez. The innovative drink selection features creative cocktails like the Yellow Pages, Berry Spritz, the Marines Sour, and Saffron Sunset Sipper, celebrating Mumbai's sunny disposition and rich flavors.

Here are three such cocktails along with food pairings that you should definitely try out at Ness:

Coastal Berry Basil Smash & Artisanal Bread

The Yellow Pages with artisanal breads
The Yellow Pages with artisanal breads
  • Cocktail Description: A refreshing blend of berries and basil, this cocktail balances fruity flavours with a touch of herbal freshness.

  • Pairing Explanation: The fruity notes of the Coastal Berry Basil Smash cut through the richness of the artisanal bread, creating a harmonious balance that enhances the dining experience. The Yellow Pages drink, with its subtle turmeric undertones, also pairs well, offering a refreshing and nuanced complement to the bread.

Saffron Sunset Cocktail & Avocado “Bhajji” with Blue Cheese

  • Cocktail Description: This sweet cocktail features a hint of vanilla and chamomile tea, giving it a unique yellow hue and a pleasant sweetness.

  • Pairing Explanation: The Saffron Sunset cocktail's slight sweetness complements the tangy flavours of the avocado “bhajji” with blue cheese. The combination enhances the dish's richness while providing a refreshing counterbalance. The subtle rum and vanilla notes in the cocktail blend seamlessly with the creamy avocado.

King Mushroom & Spice Affair

Plantain drink with King Mushroom
Plantain drink with King Mushroom
  • Cocktail Description: A refreshing mix of cucumber, jalapeño, and basil, creating a balanced cocktail with a hint of heat.

  • Pairing Explanation: The coolness of the cucumber in the Spice Affair cocktail balances the heat from the jalapeño, enhancing the herbs and spices used in the king mushroom dish. This pairing elevates the dining experience, offering a perfect blend of refreshing and spicy flavors. You can also pair the mushrooms with a Plantain drink. The spiced rum infused with banana syrup, vanilla, lemon and honey gives a unique kick to the dish, leaving you wanting more.