In frame: Potato chips
In frame: Potato chips

National Potato Chip Day: Chip away on these 5 varieties of namma very own hot chips

To spot vendors transforming freshly cut slices of potatoes into crispy, golden chips is a typical scene straight out of Bengaluru’s streets. But these aren’t your average potato chips!

The city’s beloved “hot chips” are a unique twist on the iconic snack. From rice to alcohol, these chips make a perfect pairing for almost anything. On National Potato Chip Day, we delve into 5 unique varieties of Bengaluru’s hot chips, a truly desi take on the popular potato snack.

1.     The iconic potato chip itself

As light as feathers, these chips are made from thin potato slices that are fried till they’re the right amount of crunchy. They usually come in two flavours – salted and spiced. We’d recommend the spicy version only if you have a high tolerance for masalas!

2.     Tapioca chips

We didn’t think there could be anything crunchier than potato chips until we were introduced to tapioca chips! This flavourful snack is prepared by frying raw casava tubers and is rich in carbohydrates. Its long shelf life puts storage hassles to rest! Just like potato chips, tapioca chips come in salty and spicy variants.

3.     Palak masala chips

Spinach but as chips? Sign us up! This healthier alternative is made from spinach leaves, green chillies and a combination of other spices. With just the right amount of spice, these chips make for the perfect evening snack with a cup of tea!

4.     Banana chips

While Kerala is home to these yellow crisps, you don’t have to source them all the way from there! From plain banana-flavoured to peppered and spicier ones, these chips have an option suited to every tastebud! This chip has had quite the journey from being traditionally fried in coconut oil to the birth of a baked alternative!

5.     Jackfruit chips

For the ones who are looking for flavours beyond just salt and spice, jackfruit chips are the way to go. They offer the sweetness of the fruit along with a delightful crunch. Rich in Vitamin C, this snack makes for a healthy munch and boosts immunity.

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