Intrigued by Delhi's vada pav fiasco? Here's all you need to know

Looks like the capital city has officially ditched its momo and chaat runs for Mumbai's beloved snack — the vada pav
Intrigued by Delhi's vada pav fiasco? Here's all you need to know

A gastronomic hotspot, Delhi is ever-evolving with its culinary offerings.  One day you have momo omelette, a foodie nightmare going viral and the next day an upscale restaurant with its chic interiors has debuted in Hauz Khas. You could say Delhi is unpredictable and the latest addition to this arbitrariness is Mumbai’s beloved vada pav.

Nobody knows when the popular Indian snack took over the evening chaats and samosas in the city but there is certainly an intrigue about vada pav, which only Delhi has managed to dispense. 

A simple scroll on Instagram with #vadapavgirl on the search bar would tell you a lot about the fiasco currently unfolding in Delhi. Many are wondering why folks in Delhi are gushing over vada pav, meanwhile, Mumbaikars are particularly more concerned about the price at which this delicacy is being sold. Fifty rupees is outlandish, they say!

From what we understand, it all started when Chandrika Gera Dixit, who has now won the title of The Vada Pav Girl, set up a stall in Delhi’s Sainik Vihar. If the media reports and countless Instagram reels are to go by, then this woman quit her job at Haldiram to sell vada pav to gain some extra money for her son’s well-being. 

While the cause of her venture managed to warm hearts initially, it's the videos featuring her crying, screaming at officials of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and dissing her competitors that everyone over the internet is talking about. 

But Chandrika is not the only one who has fuelled this vada pav fiasco in Delhi. There are a few others too. One is being touted as The Duplicate Vada Pav Girl, another is claiming she prepares her vada pav with high-quality oil and there is also a 12-year-old boy who says he has quit studies to support his family with the snack stall.

As if the spice is the vada pav was not enough, food bloggers are flocking towards its stalls, waiting in lines, taking video bytes from these sellers, stirring new controversies everyday and say whatever you may, we are hooked.

Every day something new is unfolding. Take today for instance. A viral video claims that Chandrika has landed a role in Salman Khan’s next and the 12-year-old has won praise from Parineeti Chopra for his hard work. We suggest you stay tuned to this space for more on Delhi’s vada pav war! 

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