This tiny kiosk in Shenoy Nagar, Chennai is full of delectable surprises!

Look out for everything from caramelised bananas to Burmese Laphet Thoke

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  21st January 2020 04:02 PM   |   Published :   |  21st January 2020 04:02 PM

Mix veg momos

This tiny, brightly-lit vegetarian kiosk located in the hustle and bustle of Shenoy Nagar belies its humble appearance. When we say that Tito’s Pan-tree offers an eclectic and packed menu, we mean that along with café staples you will find  the likes of Myanmar Falooda, Iced Milo, Maggi noodles and sweet potato fries. Rahula Dave, the owner of this week-old outlet gets us started on a decadent spiced Hot Chocolate as he takes us back to his entry in the food industry in 2014. “I was running a Burmese restaurant, Mohinga Hut, back then and though we had to shut shop as the property was getting rehauled, even now you will find Burmese influences in my menu here,” says Rahula, whose family hails from Burma.The cinnamon adds a delightful warmth to our dark and delicious beverage. 


White cheese pasta


Chilli cheese toast

Peri peri cheesy
Soon, we find ourselves biting messily into hot corn on the cob drenched with melted cheese, peri peri and onion garnish. With barely any standing room at the counter, the juicy Torna-tos make way for a triple decker Club Sandwich that oozes mayonnaise and is stuffed with sautéed mushrooms. A dish perfectly complemented by the plate of crunchy, baked Sweet Potato Fries. Next, we munch on deep-fried dimsums that are a lot like samosas stuffed with cheesy fillings or veggies. Fortunately, the fiery house dips make for a satisfactory rescue.


Raw beet apple detox


New additions next month
 * All-day breakfast bowls that include chia pudding and cut fruit oatmeal 
* BBQ jackfruit sliders
* More healthy salads
* Banana flower cutlets and burger patties

Fried and tested
Our curiosity is piqued when Rahula offers us some Burmese tea with a Laphet Thoke. As we take a forkful of the latter, we discover a warm salad-like dish that is stuffed with shredded cabbage, Burmese tea leaves and roasted peanuts — all tossed in a well seasoned dressing. This one is going into my ‘healthy albeit tasty meal’ list for sure! The accompanying flavoursome, clear and weak tea is amber-hued and is the kind that you can drink by the gallon. 


Corn elote

Carrying on the healthy streak (fruits are healthy!), or dessert, Rahula picks the Honey-Fried Banana with icecream. Sticky and golden brown, we barely manage to defend its nutrition value as we gorge on it mindlessly as only sugar junkies can!

Meal for two INR 220.