Review: Experiment with your cup of joe at the all-new Macobrew World Coffee in Jubilee Hills

From vegan options to Bailey's shots, coffee is serious business at this new outlet.

A Harini Prasad Published :  20th December 2019 01:00 AM   |   Published :   |  20th December 2019 01:00 AM
Sea Salt Mocha

Sea Salt Mocha

Cheese cubes in espresso? How about some latte in waffle cones? The all-new Macobrew World Coffee, as the name suggests, brings the best of world coffee to Hyderabad. The Nagpur-based brand opened its first outlet in the city a couple of weeks ago and has already captured the attention of coffee lovers. In the last couple of years, there has been an increasing number of roasteries mushrooming in the city but this newly opened coffee shop stands out with its unique range of beverage options. 


Located near Peddamma Temple, as you walk in, the aroma of freshly grounded beans welcome you into this 110-seater. Although there’s no air-conditioned section, space has a few trees and plants that don’t just decorate the outlet but also make it cosy. There are rooftop and open-air seating sections, along with a few tables situated in the corners with a slanting roof, giving you the vibe of a cafeteria. There are caricatures of animal-faced beings enjoying their cups of joe that decorate the walls, apart from few areas dedicated to the history of coffee and the brand. “There have been many coffee shops in Hyderabad but we wanted to bring speciality coffee to the city. We source beans from estates around the globe and not just India. My partners and I make personal trips to these estates to find the best of the lot. We do take special care in what we serve,” says co-owner Rahul Bokadia. 

Summer Time

Cool beans
Before we start our tasting session, young brewmaster Sahil Ramteke takes us through a coffee tour in his tiny bar. “We have beans from Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam, Rwanda and Ethiopia, among others. They are all imported and used to make special kinds of traditional coffee. Apart from regular options, we also have vegan coffees,” he shares, as he gets his machine ready to churn out some coffee for us. We go for a cold option to begin with — Summer Time. Made of Vietnam Decaf and orange juice, this one is lactose-free. The tangy flavour of oranges balances the decaf taste. We suggest you pair this with a subtly salty Greek Salad. 

Greek Salad

Before you start your coffee tastings, we recommend you pick either milk-based options or cold brews because mixing the two isn’t a good move. With popcorn syrup, red bull and grounded Kenyan beans, the next drink, Binge Watch, makes you want to binge! The Swedish Kafffeost (topped with cheese cubes) is strong with a salty aftertaste — strictly for coffee lovers. If you’re opting for milk-based coffee, we suggest you try the creamy Vietnamese Shakerato, similar to your regular cold coffee. The Baileys Shots are served in shot glasses and are creamier than your cold coffee, but we do enjoy chugging this one. There are also variations in drinks that are coffee and lactose-free. Goth Latte is a black-coloured drink with a topping of coconut milk. Although it might seem like a risky option, the moment you take a sip of it, the smooth texture and the complementing flavours of honey and charcoal are sure to win you over. 

Goth Latte

Beetroot in your burger
The all-vegetarian food menu offers quite a few short eats to go with your drinks. For instance, the Mozzarella Carrozza (a sandwich filled with mozzarella), we are told, goes with most cold brews.

Mozzarella Carrozza

This starter comes with spicy tomato puree dressing that makes the otherwise bland dish tasty. Roasted Broccoli Melt with a layer of pesto sauce and Mushroom Toast are comforting treats too. 

Roaster Brocolli Melt

The main course section includes a choice of pizzas, quesadilla and burgers, among others. Health-conscious folks can pick Smoky Black Bean Beetroot Burger.

The Creamy Spinach Spaghetti is filled with cheese and olives but we would like more spinach in the dish. The Paneer Tikka Pizza is delicious with crispy thin crust and a generous amount of well-cooked paneer pieces. While we love the range of beverages, the food menu doesn’t impress as much. Coffee is really the centre of the universe here, and we have no complaints about that.

Creamy Spinach Spaghetti

Price for two: Rs.800.
Pics: Sathya Keerthi.