Find these hidden gems from Tagore household at this Kolkata diner

The bespoke capsule menu offers half a dozen delicacies from Thakur Bari for you to savour till June 12
Pora Moshla Murgi curry
Pora Moshla Murgi curry

If there’s any aristocratic family in Bengal that has singularly held attention for centuries when it comes to their culinary secrets, it’s got to be the Thakur Poribar (the illustrious Tagore household).

When it comes to some very traditional Bengali dishes or the ones with an influence of the British, Mughlai or Continental cooking styles, the busy modern Bengali women are still seen prising out the dog-eared 100-pager hard bound recipe book by Purnima Thakur to impress the guests with some very simple yet delicious preparations.

Peyaj Bhaja Pulao
Peyaj Bhaja PulaoPartha@09

Taking a cue from this undying obsession with the recipes, The Yellow Turtle -- a diner popular for it sumptuous English breakfasts and day-long Continental and Asian fare – has come up with a delectably short and unique fare of Thakur Barir Ranna in collaboration with designer Abhishek Roy, who has a fascination with anything Bengali, especially food.

Posto Pabda
Posto Pabda

“I just launched a new wedding collection Saptapadi that is rooted in Bengali traditions. So, I thought of curating a menu for The Yellow Turtle showcasing traditional Bengali preparations and that’s how Thakur Barir Ranna happened. The Tagore gharana has such a treasure of age-old recipes out of which we shortlisted a precise menu with the diner’s executive chef Arun,” says Abhisek.

Jeerey Aloo Enchor
Jeerey Aloo Enchor

We paid a visit to savour the same and started off the trail with the exotic Peyaj Bhaja Pulao – a very light and aromatic pilaf cooked in milk, cow ghee, cardamom and liberally mixed with caramelised strips of onion. What we liked was that the dish was simple in terms of ingredients yet very rich in flavours. Next, we reluctantly agreed to have a spoonful of Chhana Moong daal, the reason being the omnipresence of daals (in any form) in our daily diet. But surprisingly that spoonful of dalliance turned into a bowlful of affair. That the unique usage of the white cumin seeds and bay leaf could create such an addictive texture of palate when added to tiny pieces of ghee-roasted paneer doused in moong daal, was incredibly good. The following dishes were a feast for the soul. We relished every bit of Jeera Aloo Enchor, a raw jackfruit delicacy cooked with cumin seeds, ginger paste and onion and savoured the well-cooked pieces of chicken called Pora Moshla Murgi Curry.

Gondhoraj Mutton Malai Curry
Gondhoraj Mutton Malai CurryPartha@09

The Gondhoraj Mutton Malai Curry too was a welcome departure from the regular spicy mutton curries. Doused in a light gravy of mildly spiced coconut milk, the chunks of mutton were just the thing to have during summer time. But what really stole our hearts and the show was the incredibly immaculate Posto Bata Pabda. The delicate fish smothered in poppy seed gravy sauteed with onion was a rare gem and hard to find in any Bengali diner. The distinct taste of the fresh fish lingered on our taste buds long after the dinner was over.

Meal for two: Rs 550+. The dishes are available till June 12.

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