VR gaming gear creator TeslaSuit reveals groundbreaking gloves that will let you feel virtual objects

Originally intended for medicinal purpose

author_img Kurian Joe Published :  31st December 2019 02:49 PM   |   Published :   |  31st December 2019 02:49 PM

The Gloves

The Teslasuit (no relation to Tesla Motors) known for its full-bodysuit is introducing a virtual reality glove that will allow users to feel virtual surfaces, textures and also biometric data. It is known as the Teslasuit Glove and will come open to the public at CES, the biggest consumer tech gathering, in January and has an aim of shipping by midway of 2020.

The Teslasuit Glove is intended for medical recondition, training, and other professional purposes. It works by combining several different technologies to create the feeling of touching and holding objects, capture the motion of the user's hand, record pulse and other biometric data. The gloves include basic haptic and force feedback capabilities: an array of nine electrodes on each finger produce the sensation of touching a non-existent surface, while a plastic exoskeleton creates resistance and vibration to simulate interacting with solid objects. Imagine not only seeing a bird on your hand but where you could feel its claws and weight and where the device gathers your reaction to different experiences.


These gloves can also be connected with the suit via Wi-Fi to which will give nearly a full-body motion capture or haptic feedback for virtual reality. The company had started a campaign for its suit in 2016 which finally got cancelled. Later they officially announced their first product in 2018 Ever since demonstrating potentials for astronaut training, emergency evacuation drill, and many different simulation scenarios. Although there are many capabilities for gaming and entertainment, the cost of the glove won't make it liable like any home accessory.

More about this gadget will be out on the day of its announcement at the CES