Report: Huawei patents a smartphone with stylus and sub-display

Huawei filed the design patent back in 2019 with the CNIPA

Huawei has now patented a new foldable smartphone with a stylus and a sub-display.

Huawei filed the design patent back in 2019 with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) which has now got approval and published, reports GizmoChina.

According to the patent images, the foldable smartphone will come with a stylus and a sub-display right next to the primary screen, which follows an inward folding design.

"This sub-display is narrow and long, covering the entire length on the left side, and features two cutouts for a dual front-facing camera system".

Huawei recently filed a patent for smartphones with all-screen fingerprint unlock technology.

In addition, the firm disclosed that the new full-screen fingerprint technology will allow the users to respond to text messages without the need to unlock the phone.

The users will still have the option to "activate sensors in a chosen area on the screen while deactivating the rest on the screen space."

*Edited from an IANS report

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