Facebook invites people to join its Horizon project — a social virtual reality experience 

Users can explore, play and create with others in virtual reality (VR) at one place

Social media giant Facebook has invited people to join its Horizon project. The project is a social experience where people can explore, play and create with others in virtual reality (VR) at one place.

To begin with, the invite-only beta will be available on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform in the US and Canada. Facebook will add more people over time and those interested can add their names to the beta waitlist, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

"We've been testing Horizon with an early group of creators. And in the coming weeks, we'll start bringing some people from the waitlist into Horizon's invite-only beta," Facebook said. In Horizon, people can build the things they want to see and places they want to visit via the VR technology.

"Eventually, we envision large spaces where many people can gather in Horizon, but for now, up to eight people can share a space," Facebook said. Everyone in Horizon must follow the Oculus Code of Conduct.

"You can access a personal Safe Zone through your wrist menu at any time in Horizon. Once you're in your personal Safe Zone, you can mute, block or report people and content around you," Facebook informed.

If you mute, block or report someone, a trained safety specialist, who will not appear as an avatar, may remotely observe and record the situation to ensure your safety.

"We'll soon introduce a feature to make it easier for you to submit reports in Horizon," the company said.

The social networking giant renamed its augmented reality/virtual reality (AR-VR) team as Facebook Reality Labs this week, as the company starts to build the next-gen computing platform for deeper immersive experiences.

The company will organise its annual conference ‘Facebook Connect' virtually on September 16 that will be free for everyone to attend.

*Edited from an IANS report 

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