As cybercrimes increase on our shores, these Indian cybersecurity startups vow to protect users

Five Indian cybersecurity startups to look out for in 2020.
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For representation only

As far as cybersecurity is concerned, Indian users have to remain vary of constant smartphone usage, online payment systems, deepfakes, and ransomware. It's no wonder that there has been an exponential growth in the number of cybersecurity startups and the quantum of investments in such startups in India over the past 5-6 years. 

From 15 startups/ enterprises and USD 1 million investments in 2012, the numbers have risen to over 20 startups and over USD 100 million in 2017. The industry will soon become a billion-dollar industry in India. Early Indian players in this space such as Innefu Labs and Indusface, which were started in 2011, have grown into worldwide players with a global clientele. One of the major reasons for the exponential growth of startups and investments has been the availability and growing base of IT, security and engineering talent in the country.


This is an Indian Cyber Security Company that develops and markets a unified network security gateway to organizations across 25+ countries worldwide. Founded in 2014, WiJungle was initially launched as a completely Free WiFi service. Currently, the company reportedly serves government and private giants across industry verticals like Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, BFSI, Retail, Defense, Transportation, ITES, etc. Data Security Council Of India (a supreme body of data protection) and CIO Review recognized it for its exemplary innovation, turning it into a prominent global brand.


Lucideus was incubated out of IIT Bombay. They build and develop cutting-edge information security services and AI-ML enabled platforms to enterprises across the globe to enable them to proactively secure, continuously monitor and effectively respond to cyber-threats and mitigate cyber-attacks. They enable business leaders to make cybersecurity a priority and make informed business decisions about security risks.


Sequretek is a cybersecurity startup that aims to simplify security for enterprises and equip them with AI and ML-driven security tools and solutions and full enterprise visibility to be armed against all threats – known and unknown. They have expertise in a range of domains including BFSI, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, manufacturing, etc.


Securitybulls is a startup that offers encyclopedic pen-testing, IT security assessments and infrastructure security services to analyze the client company’s digital assets from the cyber-attackers’ point of view, assess their security risk posture and provide a remediation blueprint to help enhance their client’s cybersecurity strategies. It combines the power of digitization and automation with the expertise and intelligence of security experts in its customized solutions.


Seconize is a Bangalore-based cybersecurity startup offering cloud-based, AI/ML-enabled, automated security solutions to enterprises that are embracing digitization. These solutions enable enterprises to de-risk themselves in a cohesive, continuous and consistent manner through proactive risk assessment, identification, remediation, and management across all IT assets with real-time risk posture and zero human error. Their solution automates the analysis of gaps in the regional and global regulatory and compliance requirements.

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