From virtual friends to foldable tech, watch out for these hot products unveiled at CES 2020

CES 2020, the big daddy of consumer technology shows is here.

author_img Jitendra Soni Published :  13th January 2020 03:05 PM   |   Published :   |  13th January 2020 03:05 PM


CES 2020, the big daddy of consumer technology shows is here. And it showcases innovative products that are going to change the way we use our gadgets. Technology and entertainment are on new highs at this show, be it best headphones, your favourite wearable assistant getting a range of new features, or be it a gaming PC. You name it and it is all here at the CES 2020. Here are hot products in the event you just can’t afford to miss out on.

If there’s a “no” to human cloning, there’s “neon” for you. An artificial human, which is what will give you company and act as your digital friend. These are actually virtual characters that embody a totally new life-form. So, what makes Neon exciting is its talent of showing emotions as well as speaking a variety of languages. This keeps you busy even if these are just digital avatars. Now, you won’t feel alone ever, right?


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold
The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is the laptop for gen-next and tagged as the “world's first foldable PC.” Due to its unique design, it allows the user the leverage of carrying the laptop around. Light at only one kilo, you won’t even feel it. The portability shoots up the efficiency as it gives you the combined strength of a tab, a phone, and of course, the laptop. The best part is that the ThinkPad X1 Fold offers hinge designs in six combinations for more variety.


OnePlus Concept One Phone
Be it the new square five-camera setup and the probability of a 108MP sensor in the next-gen Samsung flagship, there is no end in the innovation in smartphone camera photography. Reaching another level of innovation, OnePlus has brought out the Concept One phone, with a rear camera lens that tints, giving an illusion that the lens has “disappeared”. Show off your camera lenses only when you want.


Samsung bezel-free 8K QLED TV
Displays are getting thinner and better with each passing day. Innovation and competition between LG and Samsung have ultimately proven the tech to be the winner. At CES 2020, Samsung has shown off its flagship 8K QLED TV with Infinity Screen. The Infinity Screen uses 99 per cent of its front and is a mere 15 mm deep. And this is despite the full-array local dimming backlight. You will feel the true colour and image come alive.


Asus ROG Swift gaming monitor
Are you an avid gamer? Is hardcore gaming your passion? The Asus ROG Swift 360Hz is your answer to all questions. It is a 24.5-inch display with 1080p developed especially for your gaming needs. The Asus ROG display is tagged “the world’s first 360 Hz monitor”. A 360 Hz speed means the screen updating 360 times each second and is as much as 50 per cent faster compared to the 240 Hz screen.