Snapchat's dating show, Phone Swap India, features influencer Faisal Shaikh in the new episode

The show will have two people go on a blind date, but they have a chance to go through each others phones
Phone Swap India on Snapchat
Phone Swap India on Snapchat

Blind dating is tough as it is, but with its new show, Snapchat takes it one step further. A few weeks ago, the platform launched a new Snap Original series called Phone Swap India, a one-of-a-kind dating show where two people meet on a blind date and then they exchange their phones so they can see each other's secrets. 

The third episode of the show, which will go live on Saturday, features social media influencer Faisal Shaikh aka Mr Faisu. He will go on a date with Nishtha. Watch the episode to see how the date goes and whether there will be a second date or not.

Speaking about his experience, Faisal said, "When I found out I had to hand over my phone, I couldn't believe it! I was a bit worried about what she might find in my DMs and my browser history, but it’s such a fun and out of the box way to get to know someone. I hope Snapchatters enjoy watching my date with Nishtha on this episode of Phone Swap India and hearing about my worst ever blind date experience."

 Details: Phone Swap India is available on Snapchat Discovery

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