Five tools that help you make better connections on dating apps

From defining your passions to adding music; here's how you can make new connections on Tinder

author_img Team Indulge Published :  13th August 2021 05:03 PM   |   Published :   |  13th August 2021 05:03 PM


Last year changed the online dating game drastically, we all spent months at home due to the pandemic. The apps became a source of social interaction for many users, going outside when was not an option. A recent survey by Tinder found that 90% of users are using their dating apps to expand their social circle or simply stay connected. Here are five tools you can utilize on Tinder, that will help you make better and more connections:

Photo Verification: First and foremost – verify your identity to let everyone know the real you. Photo Verification gives you an opportunity to make more informed decisions before you Like or Nope, and is just one of the ways Tinder maintains a safe space for meeting new people. Something you may want to note is to not only ensure your match has a blue tick, but also verify yourself, in order to make the opposite individual feel confident when swiping.
Defining your ‘passions’ and interests: The best way to find common ground with people is to bond over mutual interests. When you sign up, Tinder gives you a multitude of ‘passions’ to choose from, which range from reading, photography, movies, to so much more. So whether you’re a cinephile looking to discuss the Academy award results, or a music aficionado trying to hype over a new favourite artist, you can find the right person for anything by adding a relevant passion to your profile and effortlessly breeze through other like-minded people.
Add an ‘anthem’ to your profile:
For many Gen Zers, music is indeed a love language. It melodiously conveys the words you cannot speak, and the thoughts you cannot express. And with time, music has repeatedly established itself as a common ground for people to bond over. By adding an ‘anthem’ to your profile, you can choose a song that defines your current mood and swear by it. Someone will be sure to hit you up with the lyrics!
Keep your bio updated and raw: While introducing yourself, what’s smoother than intriguing them with a well-written bio? What is it about you that would compel people to reach out? Whether you choose to ask a thought provoking question, add a joke or keep it simple - you get to decide. Just make sure you follow the internet’s #1 safety tip and don’t divulge sensitive personal details on your profile. On Tinder, we do it for you. Bio Guidance removes these details, lets members know why and gives them another shot at writing their bio.

Face to Face feature: Sometimes texting just doesn’t do it. For all the times that you crave that visual one-on-one interaction, Tinder comes through with the face-to-face feature, built by its Trust and Safety team. You can video-call in-app, easy as pie. Additionally, the call won’t go through unless both you and your match opt-in to connect. This makes sure you’re virtually safe and sound, without compromising on your connection.