Gaming-centric laptops, waterproof power bank, portable air purifiers and more: These gizmos are all the rage right now

This week’s gadgets include a water-proof power bank named Nitecore NPB 4, Montblanc’s new timepiece Geosphere Pink that is part of a project to fight breast cancer, and more

author_img Ashok Pandian Published :  03rd September 2021 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd September 2021 06:00 AM
This week's list of gadgets

This week's list of gadgets

On this week’s list of cool gadgets and sweet tech, we have everything from several gaming-friendly gizmos to relevant, timely devices like portable air purifiers. Check out the full list below:


new gadgets, Asus ROG STRIX G15, laptop

ROG aka Republic of Gamers is a fantastic line of gaming-centric laptops with souped up internals and ultra clear screens. I tried out the STRIX G15 over the last few weeks and came away quite thrilled. The Strix range comes with AMD Ryzen processors which run fast and run efficient, loading everything in a flash, and sport cutting edge NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU to ensure graphics are smooth and seamless. I like the display which is sharp, clear and importantly, colour precise (DCI-P3 100%); ensuring you see colours as they were intended by content creators. RAM is ample with 16 gigs built-in and an option for another 16 more to be added, on demand.

Storage is good at 1TB SSD and the ports are conveniently situated in the rear to avoid any obtrusions, while playing. I appreciate the built-in webcam which transmits clear 1080p/60fps video. Coming to the gaming aspect, I loaded up Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the graphics just pop on the Strix G15 with gameplay butter smooth and vivid visuals, the experience was similar with NFS Heat, the high speed chases sounding ultra real thanks to Dolby Atmos. During testing the device stayed cool, with no heating even with multiple windows and processes open. I did, however, find the laptop a tad heavy for portability (coming from a Macbook Air) but being a gaming device, this is expected. The Aura sync light bar looks great and adds to gaming effects. INR 1.58 lakh.

Netgear Nighthawk XR 1000

new gadgets, Netgear Nighthawk XR 1000, router

The XR1000 is new and operates with a Wi-fi speed upto 5.4 Gbps. Geared toward pro-gaming, it enables more users to connect with more devices to stream simultaneously. The router is powered by a triple core 1.5 Ghz processor which can handle the heavy demands of VR gaming and 4K streaming. Security includes WPA 3 encryption and Netgear Armor. INR 31,999.

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Crossbeats Orbit Sport

Crossbeats Orbit Sport, smartwatch, new gadgets

The Orbit Sport is a smartwatch that also looks and feels premium. I must say that it fits well and has a great strap.Coming to the features; battery life lasted me about 8 days with moderate use, voice calling is clear and convenient when you don’t wish to use your phone, the display is bright with good viewing angles. I found the Oxygen and BP monitoring to be relatively acceptable perhaps not as accurate as devoted pulse oximeters and sphygmomanometers but good enough to indicate health levels. The IP 68 resistance is really handy in showers. This watch connects to the YFIT app which is easy to use and has a good UI. Overall, a smartwatch with a wide variety of features that’s pleasing on the wrist. INR 4,249.

Nitecore NPB 4

Nitecore NPB 4, new gadgets, waterproof gadgets, waterproof power bank

If you seek a good waterproof power bank, here’s one of the best. With multiple fast charge ports, IP 68 water resistance, 18W charging and 20000mAh capacity, this is a great offering. INR 7,400.

Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Pink

Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Pink, timepiece, watch, breast cancer project, Pink Dial project, new gadgets

Montblanc’s incredible new timepiece comes in a glorious pink shade to raise money to fight breast cancer. The watch is part of the Pink Dial project and features a 42mm DLC Titanium case with a fuchsia pink dial and most importantly, is assembled by a female watchmaker at Montblanc. Featuring a manufacture movement, dual time zones and world timer. Bidding starts soon. 

Keysmart Cleanlight Air Pro purifier

Keysmart Cleanlight Air Pro purifier, air purifier, covid air purifier, new gadgets

Portable air purifiers are all the rage in the times we live in, with Cleanlight’s Air Pro working in spaces upto 160 sq.ft. The built in UV-C light kills airborne germs while anion sterilisation tech uses high-density negative ions to purify the air without filters. There’s an AQI monitor built-in and the battery lasts upto 4 hours. It even slots in the cup holder of your car. Perfect! INR 16,000.

Panasonic SC GN01

Panasonic SC GN01, speaker, gaming speaker, new gadgets, pro-gamers

Designed for gamers in collaboration with Square Enix, this immersive speaker offers three sound modes to heighten gaming. The ergonomic design is comfortable on the shoulders and comes with dual mics and noise/echo cancelling features. INR 15,000.