Opal C1 webcam, Fenda Audio F&D PA 300, Easyfone Shield, Continental GreenConcept Tyre and more: These gizmos are all the rage right now

This week’s gadgets include an Opal C1 webcam, Fenda Audio F&D PA 300, Easyfone Shield, Ray-Ban and Facebook’s Stories, all-in-one docking station Logi Dock and more

author_img Ashok Pandian Published :  18th September 2021 05:29 PM   |   Published :   |  18th September 2021 05:29 PM
Ray Ban smart glasses

Ray Ban smart glasses

On this week’s list of cool gadgets and sweet tech, we have everything from webcam, wireless party speaker, sustainable tyre and Easyfone for senior members of the house. Check out the full list below:

Opal C1 webcam

This mighty webcam is professional level and comes with an f 1.8, six-element, glass lens for great images and video in every lighting condition. Using a Sony 4K sensor, Opal provides upto 5x more resolution than a regular webcam to ensure you look great. It also works with MicMesh tech which ensures your voice is heard clearly and accurately wherever you’re positioned. opalcamera.com 

Fenda Audio F&D PA 300

The PA 300 is a 100 watt BT wireless party speaker system. It supports multiple inputs, karaoke and comes in a robust portable form factor. Suitable for indoor and outdoor party use, the PA 300 comes with a rechargeable battery. fendaaudio.com

Easyfone Shield

Easyfone makes great products, specifically senior-friendly ones with multiple features to make life easier for senior members of the family. Their new ‘Shield’ is ultra-tough and durable with IP 68 protection (waterproof, shock/dust-proof). I’ve been using it as my secondary phone for the past few weeks and appreciate many of the features unique to this device. Diving straight in; Shield is easy to hold and very simple to set up and use, the form factor is ideal not only for seniors but also if you wish to travel extensively with a durable device. The 2.8 inch IPS screen is remarkably clear and amply large enough to view calls, texts, images and the occasional  video. The Keypad is large and legible. It’s the battery life where Shield is king, I managed to get runtime of almost five days with a few calls, texts and videos each day while standby is huge stretching past three weeks with battery still left. I like the SOS button which automatically activates a call to pre-set contacts in moments of duress or a true emergency. Whitelist is another great feature where I can decide only X number of people can get in touch with me. The sturdy phone also supports mp3, mp4 files as well as FM and expandable storage. To summarise, not only is Shield ideal for seniors but also anyone with an ultra active lifestyle including hikers/trekkers and bikers. Shield also has an excellent torchlight and acts as a powerbank when in need, providing upto 2500mAh. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an ultra hardy phone. flipkart.com easyfone.in

Continental GreenConcept Tyre

Continental’s latest is a light, efficient and sustainable tyre made with renewable, traceable and recycled raw materials. The design is unique and comes with a tread strip specially designed for greater conservation and energy efficiency. Coming soon. More details on continental.com


Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station with controls for meetings and a speakerphone built in. Reducing clutter, Logi Dock is certified for leading video-con platforms and is easy to setup. Connecting upto 5 USB peripherals and two monitors, it reduces the need for chargers, power cords and provides more space on your desk. The built-in speakerphone captures voice clearly and suppresses background noise. It even doubles up as a stereo speaker with powerful bass and provides upto 100w power to your laptop. Connects via BT too. Logitech.com

Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban and Facebook collaborate to create Stories, a set of new sunglasses and eyewear with smart features and connected living. The cool looking shades/clear eyewear allow you to capture images and video hands-free and enjoy the moment too. ray-ban.com