The best of YouTube to keep you hooked

We went through scores of channels and selected some of the best based on the quality of information, diversity of conversation and visual creativity

author_img Ayesha Singh Published :  26th September 2021 04:36 PM   |   Published :   |  26th September 2021 04:36 PM


Online entertainment habits have changed with OTT becoming omnipresent in our lives. What started as a pandemic relief has today become a post-pandemic obsession. Not just OTT, YouTube viewership was on the rise. If you are done with the mind-numbing scrolling, and binge-watching, give YouTube a shot. We went through scores of channels and selected some of the best based on the quality of information, diversity of conversation and visual creativity.   
RSA Animates (Society, problem-solving, idea-sharing)
This channel is a product of the London-based The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), that works on finding practical solutions to social challenges. If you are interested in diverse thinking, opportunities, prospects for the future, innovations for good work and more, check this out. USP: Award-winning animations with each explainer.

Must-watch: This is Now the Time for a Universal Basic Income, and Is Our Attention 
for Sale?

The Financial Diet (Personal finance, money, living better)
Get to know about money without getting intimidated. Complex financial subjects are simplified. A step-by-step guide to achieving the goals discussed is provided. 
USP: The inclusion of narratives from everyday women making strides in their relationship with money makes the content relatable.
Must-watch: The Financial Aftermath of Getting Cancelled: A Talk With Lindsay Ellis; 
12 Things I No Longer Spend Money On In My 30s; PSA: Millennials Feel Like Kids Because They Can’t Afford To Be Adults.

Veritasium  (Science, engineering)  
If you have a science-related question, Veritasium probably has an answer. Difficult material is broken down with the help of demonstrations, experiments, expert talk and data.
USP: The host and creator of the channel, Dr Derek Muller, who is one of the most influential science communicators, gets people to think critically.
Must-watch: The Universe is Hostile to Computers, and Risking My Life To Settle A Physics Debate.

The Psych Show (Psychology, behaviour, habits)
Can’t afford therapy? Subscribe to clinical psychologist Dr Ali Mattu’s channel. The channel has seemingly simple advice but extremely important.
USP: His reactibons to pop culture are very popular. 
Must-watch: How to Deal with Intrusive Thoughts and Anxiety; How to Overcome Social Anxiety Without Therapy. 

The Infographics Show (Fun facts, general knowledge)
The content is extremely gripping, covering a range of interesting, unconventional subjects such as the man who was trapped underwater, or what it feels like to be shot, or what happens when you die.
USP: The infographics makes videos easy to understand.
Must-watch: How a Double Agent Prevented Nuclear War, and How to Survive a Home Invasion.