When you’re happy and you know it: 5 apps to track your happiness levels 

After a variety of physical health trackers in the market, it’s the turn of emotional well-being. Here are five apps that can help you keep a measure of your mood
Photo Credits: Pexels
Photo Credits: Pexels

How you feel matters. While enough has been said about the importance of mental health, can you really gauge your emotions? How about technology that can help you do just that? Now numerous apps are being developed to help people track their moods and understand their feelings. They are easy to use too. Simply create a profile, add information related to your daily activities and challenges that affect your mood, and off you go to track your happiness. You can even share the results and connect with others who are experiencing the same emotions. It’s a social network of emotions, if you may.


It is a WearOS smartwatch app that uses sensors to monitor your mood and stress levels. Install the companion app on your phone. You can make several entries a day to track your feelings and physical reactions until you’re satisfied with the result. You can review informative statistics and also identify the cause behind your current mood. Based on the questions asked, the app will share your results with friends and family for additional support if you are having a rough time.

AVAILABILITY: Android and iOS devices; free


This app helps you build resilience and remain motivated during challenging times. It has built-in games where you discover your inner hero and battle bad guys (representing different emotional challenges), collect powerups with actions such as hugging yourself, and add allies to help you in your quest and strive towards your goals. You can track your daily activities until you hit the goal. You will gain points for completing each step like taking a walk or drinking a glass of water. You can take on quests and celebrate your wins to elevate your mood.

AVAILABILITY: Android and iOS devices; free


It's an app that offers different tracks to help you overcome stress. After you create an account, it will score your happiness based on questions about the smallest details related to your life. The app will then blend the data into games to enhance mindfulness. Every track is theme-based and divided into activities, like meditations, writing assignments, etc. You can also explore courses related to relationships, parenting, work and money. You can review and complete quests, and even track your happiness score.

AVAILABILITY: Android and iOS devices; free, in-app purchases

Daylio This app allows you to track your goals, write a diary, and bullet journal all in one. Each time you put an entry about your feelings, the app will ask you to pick your mood based on a simple scale. Regular users can identify their good and bad days of the week. It also offers a variety of videos that depict your mood, and you have to select the one that best reflects your state of mind. You can even set daily, weekly, or monthly goals to track your progress. If you miss a day, no worries, just go back and enter your activities with the mood. In the app, you can even make notes of your daily exercise and eating habits.

AVAILABILITY: Android and iOS devices; free, subscription available

MoodTrack Diary

It encourages users to rate and record their moods multiple times a day. The app works offline with easy share features, daily reminders, cross-platform support with your computer, and more. It has a community feature that lets you view, like, and comment on other users’ moods and build camaraderie. The app will create neat graphs of your mood to identify your triggers and patterns over time.

AVAILABILITY: Android and iOS devices; free, in-app purchases

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