Meta introduces improved avatars with new body shapes, hair, clothing

To enable users to express themselves more fully, Meta (previously Facebook) has updated its avatars' body forms, textures, and hairstyles.
Meta Avatars
Meta Avatars

Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced new body shapes, improved hair and clothing textures to its avatars to help users better express themselves.

The company also announced that over one billion avatars have been created across its platforms.

"Today we're announcing some improvements to Meta Avatars that will help freshen up your look just in time for spring. We're adding a handful of new avatar body shapes to help you better express yourself -- especially if expressing yourself means dancing along to 'Hips Don't Lie'," Meta said in a blogpost on Thursday.

Under new body shapes, the company has added more choices for users to choose from a wider range of body shape options, including two curvier body shapes for the femme-presenting.

Moreover, the company said it is also refining some of its existing options to help differentiate them as well.

Meta has also revamped the appearance of an avatar's hair, clothing, and eyes in stickers, profile pictures, cover photos, and more.

"Sparing you the nitty-gritty technical breakdown, we've added additional detail and realism to both hair and clothing, meaning whether you're rocking a clean fade and suit or bedhead and sweats, your avatar should "pop" a little better than before," Meta said.

"We've also tweaked our lighting model to add a little more of a reflective gleam to your eyes, making them sparkle and bring your personality to life," it added.

Meta has also collaborated with PUMA to add seven new outfits to the Meta Avatars Store, which debuted last year and allows users to purchase digital clothing for their avatars.

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