Meta survey touts Indian Gen Z as trendsetters, unveils Instagram Trend Talk for 2024

For 2024, Gen Z is open to diversifying its food, fashion and beauty portfolio

Muskan Khullar Published :  05th December 2023 03:10 PM   |   Published :   |  05th December 2023 03:10 PM
The Instagram Trend Talk survey highlights the rising trend of Trust Gen Z trend, who are transforming traditional boundaries in various aspects of life.

Gen Z Trends

Trust Gen Z to transcend conventional boundaries of career, relationship and fashion and they will not disappoint you with their approach. They are shifting gears and changing the game with their free-spirited and individualistic ways. And now, the Instagram Trend Talk survey recounts how this young generation will influence culture in 2024.

One of the key highlights from the survey reveals that in 2024, Gen Z will focus on career options that align with their personal goals. Gen Zs in India has ranked staying healthy and travelling as their top priorities and are most likely to look for career pursuits that bring work-life balance. They are ready to unveil their self-improvement era.

Talking about the survey, Paras Sharma, Director of Content and Community Partnerships, Meta, India shares, “The survey previews the trends expected to surface on Instagram in 2024, driven by Gen Z’s active pursuit. Indian Gen Z’s upbeat and entrepreneurial spirit stands out as they eagerly explore new interests and trends across different domains. Their dedication to chosen fandoms and commitment to self-improvement shine through distinctly in these insights. And, while in many aspects Indian Gen Z’s are similar to their global peers, these trends also show specific areas where they are different and unique.”

Image Credits: Pexels

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Additionally, 9 out of 10 Gen Zs in India consider themselves part of a fandom which also explains their inclination towards relatable celebrities, athletes and content creators. For 2024, Gen Zs are looking for more everyday content rather than a projection of an ideal life.

In realms such as food, Gen Zs in India are open to exploring things. We are talking about ayurvedic ingredients, plant-based meat and even vegan delicacies, they are all set to diversify their food portfolio. As for fashion, the survey reveals that Gen Zs are greatly inclined towards thrifting and DIYs. A fourth of GenZ also revealed that their favourite beauty trend lately has been getting a new hairstyle. 

Lastly, for relationships, Gen Zs this coming year are setting their boundaries straight and anyone with a bad taste in memes is a big no-no for them.

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